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Pamelia Perkins is a character from Downtown Disney's Adventurers Club who has since become a member of the greater Disney Parks mythology.



In the 1930s, Pamelia Perkins was the president of the Adventurers Club. Her office would be found at Lake Buena Vista in Florida.


Adventurers Club

Pamelia Perkins was a fairly regular character who was performed by cast-members in the Adventurers Club, themed to New Year's Eve on Pleasure Island in 1937.

The Jungle Cruise

The Magic Kingdom's Jungle Cruise featured a tribute to Pamelia (erroneously referred to as, "Pamela Perkins") for many years in its fast-pass machines. These machines were themed to having been made from luggage in the possession of the Jungle Navigation Company and the tags on these cases showed them being addressed to Emil Bleehall and Pamelia. Pamelia's tag mentioned the luggage having to be sent to her at the Office of the Adventurers Club at 5189 Hill Street at Lake Buena Vista in Florida.

Skipper Canteen

Pamelia is further referenced in the menus of the Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen with her being the namesake of, "Perkins Thai Noodles" which are described as being her favourite dish.

Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar

In this Disneyland Hotel bar, a letter addressed to Trader Sam can be found from Pamelia. It mentions leaving a ventriloquist's dummy called Slappy in the possession of Sam which is apparently a favourite of Colonel Critchlow Sunchbench. She mentions having to leave these in Sam's possession due to her going on a new Adventurer's Club adventure and also to help Sam decorate his bar with further assistance from fellow club-goer Professor Hodges.

Aunty's Beach House

References to Pamelia can be found in this Kid's Club location. Letters can be found in the quarters commemorating late-Adventurers Club member, "Dreamy Ka'imi" with Pamelia telling the amoral history of the Pillager's Brigade and Harrison Hightower III in particular.


  • Clarabelle Cow dresses as Pamelia in an Epic Mickey: Tales of the Wasteland comic featuring an homage to the Adventures Club.


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