I saw the box! I opened the box! How was I to know it would unleash misery on the world!?

Pandora was a student at Prometheus Academy who suffers from constant guilt for having unleashed misery on mankind when she opened a cursed box. She only appeared in the Hercules animated series, though her box makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.

Pandora's Miseries

Pandora's Miseries are a group of demonic imps that embody all the miseries and sins of mankind. They were all sealed away in a magical box, but due to Pandora's curious nature she opened it which caused them to be unleashed and ever since she has been forced to watch over the box and make sure no one ever opens it again. She also keeps some imps in her locker and she also tends to use the box as a lunchbox. They all appeared in "Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster".

List of Miseries

  • Jealousy: The embodiment of jealousy who grows larger and stronger by absorbing the jealousy of mortals and apparently had an attraction to Cassandra and vice-versa.
  • Envy: The embodiment of envy and rival of jealousy.
  • Gluttony: The embodiment of gluttony who was busy eating all the food at the Echo and Narcissus' wedding.
  • Gossip: The embodiment of gossip who revealed to everyone that Mr. Pygmalion's wife is made out of clay.
  • Greed: The embodiment of greed who enjoys swallowing anything in sight.
  • Bad Breath: The embodiment of bad breath whose rancid breath can knock out anyone.
  • Lust: The embodiment of lust who likes hitting on women.
  • Pain: The embodiement of pain serves as one of Hades' minions.
  • Panic: The embodiment of panic who serves as one of Hades' minions.
  • Neurosis: The embodiment neurosism who serves as one of Hades' minions.

Once Upon a Time

Pandora doesn't appear on the show. However, Pandora's Box, a black magic artifact exists and it is the only thing that can neutralize Peter Pan. Possibly, Pandora herself exists in this version.


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