Pants on Fire is a 2014 film that premiered on November 9 on Disney XD.


A 15-year-old boy named Jack Parker has everything going for him: popularity at school, an easy home life, and a high chance of winning an award that would lead him to be bat boy for the Boston Red Sox. There's just one thing; he earned them by being the biggest liar around, he didn't realize that all was going to change one day while he was giving a speech on a school news report. Mikey, one of his lies, appeared. Progressively, one by one, all his lies started to come to life: two angry lumberjacks and a possessive, jealous girlfriend from Arizona. He and his friend soon finds out from a plush purple hippo from a children's restaurant/fun center that the only way to stop his lies from coming true is to tell the truth. He refuses to do it since the award ceremony was coming soon and didn't want to lose. After that encounter, they soon faced the lumberjacks along with another one of his lies: two alien agents. They were able to escape with the help of the girlfriend, but only after he told her the truth. During this time and a few more lies later, he learns that his lies hurts most to those closest to him oppose to protect and love. After a conversation with a man practicing his baseball hits (later found out it was his baseball hero getting over a slump), he told everyone in the award ceremony the lies that he told and was disqualified. He and his friend soon saw all of his lies in the hall and ran into an empty room where they saw the hippo. After telling the hippo that he told the truth and none of lies went away, the hippo revealed itself to be his sister who was fed up with his lies and wanted to teach him a lesson. She revealed that the lies were just actors and other people using special effects and that they rehearsed the plot for months. They soon reconciled. Then his parents came in angry and grounded him by cleaning the whole garage. In the end, he visits the girl that he has a crush to apologize and promise he would never lie to again. They soon take off in a limo to Red Sox Statium, complementary by the baseball hero.



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