Paperilla Starry

Paperilla Starry in PKNA #15

Paperilla Starry is a minor character in PKNA. She is an actress in the Channel 00 soap opera 'Anxieties'.

In PKNA 0: Evronians, she is ambushed by Coolflames after leaving the Channel 00 building, but is rescued by the Duck Avenger. She is also present at the 'Anxieties' party at Ducklair Tower when the Evronians break into it. Then the Duck Avenger arrives to stop the Evronians, and when only Agron, the Evronian squad leader, remains, he takes Paperilla Starry hostage, but the Duck Avenger shoots the X-transformer Shield as a boomerang and it hits Agron, who gets stunned and frees Paperilla, but recovers and calls the retreat.

Issue 15 is mostly about the 'Anxieties' cast. Paperilla Starry is shown trying to get the spotlight and frequently arguing with Sean LeDuck during the filming of the episodes. After the cast is abducted by the Evronians to discover the soap opera's mechanism to generate emotions in the audience, Paperilla acts as unfazed as the others until she begins screaming scared that Zoster's plan is crazy as "At this point, they usually say so".

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