"Parade Day" is the first segment of the tenth episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket begins his part time job at Big Coffee to pay off the damages he caused in the previous episode but is more interested in sneaking out to attend the Big City Parade than he is in working.


Cricket is excited as today is parade day. Despite this, Gloria reminds Cricket that neither of them are allowed to go see the parade because they have to work. This is made all the more infuriating for Cricket as his family get to go see the parade in person. Cricket tries numerous plans to get out of working and sneak away, but Gloria keeps catching him. Eventually, Cricket realizes that he is entitled to a mandatory fifteen minute break. Despite Gloria warning him that the rush is about to come in, Cricket tells her that he will go run off and catch the parade and get back in fifteen minutes. As soon as he leaves, a large number of people enter Big Coffee, worrying Gloria.

Cricket makes it to see his family, but the parade is still too far out. He decides to reroute them by changing the barriers and recruits Tilly to help him. While Tilly distracts Officer Keys, Cricket successfully reroutes the first barrier. However, on rerouting the second one, a truck full of barriers crashes just as the parade is coming in. With Gloria in over her head, Cricket reroutes the parade through a department store. During the commotion, Tilly "usurps" the title of Miss Splish, a role she had been coveting for the parade.

As they make it outside the department store, Cricket grabs hold of some balloons and Tilly pops them for him so that he can arrive at Big Coffee in time to help Gloria. When he arrives he is shocked by the messy restaurant and apologizes to Gloria for not being around to help. He tells her that he will take care of things while she enjoys her break. As she steps outside, she is amazed by the sight and quietly thanks Cricket for his help. In the meantime, Bill runs around searching for Tilly, unaware of her new role as Miss Splish.



  • Genie from Aladdin makes a cameo appearance as an inflatable blimp in this episode.
    • Another character that makes a cameo as an inflatable blimp is the comic strip cat character Garfield.
  • Splish Soda was first seen in "Welcome Home".

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