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"Party Animal" is the second episode of the Disney Channel show That's So Raven and aired on January 17, 2003. It was written by Dava Savel and directed by Rich Correll.


Raven and her brother Cory fight and tease each other regularly. But when Raven has a vision of her brother getting mad at her, she attempts to reconcile by throwing him an animal themed birthday party. However, circumstances make the day much harder for Raven, who has to save her relationship with Cory...as well as her ambitious birthday plans.


Raven enters the kitchen, demanding to know why Cory put bologna in her CD player. The two of them argue a bit before Victor tells them to cut it out. Tanya then asks Cory who he would like to invite to his movie theater birthday party that weekend. Cory tells his parents that he would like to keep the gathering small, since every year, a classmate named Billy has his party before Cory's and everyone likes Billy's party better. Raven snarks that the kids probably just like Billy better than Cory. She and Cory argue again, and Victor tells them to stop. Cory leaves in a huff. Tanya and Victor warn Raven that if they don't start getting along, they may drift apart when they get older. Raven shrugs this off until she has a vision: Cory tells her she is the worst sister ever, and that he hates her. This makes Raven worry.

Later, Raven tells Eddie and Chelsea about her vision. Eddie claims that his younger brother says he hates Eddie often, but doesn't mean it. Chelsea adds that since Cory is so annoying, it wouldn't be too bad if they ended up not speaking. Raven tells them to stop kidding around, since they didn't see the look on Cory's face during her vision. Later that afternoon, Raven approaches Cory in the living room, and tries to be extra nice to Cory, fluffing his couch pillow and asking about his day. Suspicious, Cory tells Raven that he went to Billy's party at the aquarium, and despite having fun, he hated it. Raven decides to cheer him up with candy. This makes Cory more suspicious. At that moment, Tanya and Victor leave to have dinner at a new seafood restaurant. After they leave, Raven tells Cory that she is going to throw a party for him that will be much better than Billy's. Cory is excited, but asks what Raven wants in return. She says that seeing her brother happy is all she wants.

The next day, it's time for Cory's 10th birthday party. The guests start arriving, and Raven invites them in. The last to arrive are Billy and his best friend/lackey. Billy immediately declares Cory's party won't be as good as his. Raven and Cory challenge this, saying that they will be going to the zoo. The group will get VIP access to the reptile exhibit and party with the pythons. The party guests cheer, and Raven goes upstairs to get Victor and Tanya. Unfortunately, the Baxter parents have gotten a bad case of food poisoning from last night's seafood. Tanya urges Raven to get rid of the leftover linguine with clams, then runs into the bathroom to vomit. Victor tells Raven that they will need to cancel the zoo trip.

Raven heads back downstairs, where the other kids are cheering for Cory. Raven whispers the bad news to Cory, but Cory blurts out that they can't go to the zoo. Billy overhears and proposes everyone ditch Cory and go to his house. The kids start cheering for Billy. Cory is upset, but Raven quickly says that if they can't go to the zoo, she will bring the zoo to the Baxter house. The kids start cheering for Cory again. Raven enlists the help of Eddie and Chelsea, and they all scour the phone books for a mobile animal exhibit. All of them are booked, but Raven asks if they checked "Reptile Rick" yet. Cory overhears the name, and excitedly announces to his guests that Reptile Rick is coming. Eddie is sure that Rick has been booked already, but Raven calls anyway. In a terrible Australian accent, she leaves a message on Rick's voicemail, asking him to come to her home "lickety-splitsy" because she is in a "wobbly" of a problem.

To stall for time, Raven gives makeup advice to Cory and his guests. Once she finishes, she retreats to the kitchen to see if Rick has called back. Eddie says he did not, and Chelsea suggests that Raven just be honest. Cory enters and asks if Reptile Rick will be coming at all. At that moment, an Australian man wearing safari gear enters with a carrier crate full of frogs and a pot-bellied pig on a leash. Reptile Rick greets Raven and Cory, and gives the birthday boy a souvenir safari hat. Cory happily runs to the living room and tells his friends that Rick has arrived. Raven is confused about the pig, but Rick tells her that the rest of his reptiles are in his truck, and the pig is his pet. Chelsea expresses displeasure at the animals being in cages, and Rick decides to open the frog crate. Eddie frantically stops him, but denies being scared. Rick asks if he can eat something before the show, as he has not been able to take a lunch break that day. Raven hears Tanya calling for her. Raven says she will check on Tanya, gives Rick permission to raid the fridge, asks Chelsea to let the guests know that the show will start soon, tells Eddie to make sure the frogs don't get loose, and that the pig needs a tissue.

Raven heads upstairs, and asks how her parents are feeling. They are still unwell, but ask what all the commotion is downstairs. Raven tells a half-truth; she decided to do something for Cory's party, since she didn't want to cancel. She tells them not to worry. Tanya and Victor accept this, but advise that the last thing they need is a zoo in their living room. Raven heads back to the kitchen, and sees Rick eating the linguine with clams from the seafood restaurant. She panics, telling Rick that he will get food poisoning. Rick reassures her, telling her that he has eaten snakes and rats before, and not much can upset his stomach. Immediately, he gets nauseous and asks where the "dunny" is. Raven is confused at what he is asking for, and Rick bolts off to find a place to vomit.

Eddie enters the living room and tells the kids that Reptile Rick is sick, and Reptile Raven will be showing the animals instead. The kids are less excited. Raven enters holding an iguana. Billy demands she do something with it. Eddie starts beatboxing, and Raven dances with the iguana. The lizard starts peeing on the floor, and Raven tries to play it off with more dancing. Billy and his lackey get bored and want to see the snakes. Raven declares that she will go get a snake, but quietly whimpers that she hates snakes. She goes into the kitchen and is met with the sight of dozens of frogs hopping around the kitchen. Chelsea says that she released the frogs from their carrier since they seemed to be pleading with her to do so. Eddie is cowering on a chair, but again denies he is scared. Raven then has a vision: Victor is going to come downstairs to investigate the noise. Raven tells her friends what she saw, and they all start scooping the frogs up as fast as they can. They get most of them back into a container, but Victor calls to Raven as he descends the stairs. Raven, Eddie, and Chelsea stuff the remaining frogs into their shirts. Victor comes into the kitchen, and asks about the noise. Raven tells Victor she will keep the noise down, but she squirms and shouts with discomfort as the frogs crawl around inside her clothes. Victor is confused, but gets some ginger ale from the fridge. A frog jumps onto his head, and he wonders why his head suddenly feels clammy. Raven offers to feel Victor's forehead, then distracts him, so she can grab the frog and throw it to Eddie. Victor starts going back upstairs, but asks why Raven and her friends are wiggling so much. Chelsea says that they are just dancing. Victor asks them to not move so much, as the motions are making him queasy. He runs back upstairs.

After getting the frogs taken care of, Raven comes out of the kitchen with a boa constrictor around her shoulders. Raven struts and gyrates around the living room, and Chelsea announces that the boa is part of the latest fall line-up. They go back into the kitchen, and Raven begs for the snake to be removed from her shoulders. Cory comes in, and tells Raven that Reptile Rick doesn't model his snakes, he wrestles the snakes.

Later, the living room is dark, except some flashlights Chelsea is holding. Eddie plays some bongos, and Chelsea announces that for the first time ever, Reptile Raven will wrestle a man-eating anaconda. Raven comes down the stairs to Eddie's drums, and shakes around a big cardboard box. She sets the box behind the couch and declares the snake is inside. She leaps onto the box, and the snake, and proceeds to wrestle with it. After some body-slams and biting, Billy's friend turns the lights on. All the kids can see that the snake is a stuffed toy. Billy says that the party reeks and invites everyone over to his house. Cory opts to go, too, following the kids out the front door. Raven tries stopping Cory, but Cory, just like her vision, throws his hat down, and starts yelling that she is the worst sister. Raven cuts him off and brings him to the couch to talk.

She says that she can understand if he does hate her, but she doesn't want them to stop talking to each other. She adds that even though they argue a lot, she is still Cory's sister, and still loves him. Cory seems to accept this, but they are interrupted by Billy's friend calling them both outside. Cory and Raven walk onto the front porch to see Reptile Rick and all the kids looking in awe at something. Rick is holding a baby pig. He tells Cory to take a closer look as his pet pig has had a litter of piglets. Billy and his friend agree that this is pretty cool and things Cory threw a great party. Raven asks if Cory still hates her. Cory says that he did in the moment, but feels that he shouldn't since Raven did so much for him for his birthday. Raven and Cory hug, and watch the piglets.

Later, the party is over and Reptile Rick is packing up. He is happy the party was a success, but needs to get his snake before leaving. Cory tells Rick which cage the snake is in, but Rick says that the snake Raven held earlier was a baby. He needs to get the mother snake. Cory and Raven panic, but upstairs, Victor and Tanya are panicking more. A 20 foot boa constrictor is in their bed!




  • Raven's manor address is revealed in this episode, 519 Miranda Place.

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