Passed Away is an American ensemble comedy film from 1992.


A large, dysfunctional family is brought together for a surprise birthday party for patriarch Jack Scanlan and for the funeral that follows, Jack dying from a heart attack from the surprise.

Everybody's assorted issues are brought to light. There is eldest son Johnny, a tree surgeon who wants more adventure in his life. There is his brother Frank, a labor leader who wants to live up to his father's expectations. There is sister Tracy, a dancer, her gay ex-husband Boyd and the embalmer Peter who is in love with her. There is a literal sister, Nora, a nun based in Latin America.

And there are unfamiliar faces, too, like a woman named Cassie who turns up at the funeral and may or may not have been their late father's mistress. It's a chance for everyone to get acquainted or reacquainted and it's all in the family.


  • Bob Hoskins - Johnny Scanlan
  • Jack Warden - Jack Scanlan
  • William Petersen - Frank Scanlan
  • Diana Bellamy - BJ
  • Don Brockett - Froggie
  • Helen Lloyd Breed - Aunt Maureen
  • Patricia O'Connell - Mrs. Finch
  • Sally Gracie - Mrs. Cassidy
  • Ruth Jaroslow - Mrs. Richfield
  • Alice Eisner - Aunt Sissy
  • Maureen Stapleton - Mary Scanlan
  • Pamela Reed - Terry Scanlan Pinter
  • Tim Curry - Boyd Pinter
  • Louis Mustillo - Carmine Syracusa
  • Ann Shea - Louise
  • Peter Riegert - Peter Syracusa
  • Tristan Tait - Sam Scanlan
  • Blair Brown - Amy Scanlan
  • Sara Rue - Megan Scanlan
  • Deborah Rush - Denise Scanlan
  • Patrick Breen - Father Hallahan
  • Nancy Travis - Cassie Slocombe
  • Teri Polo - Rachel Scanlan
  • Jayce Bartok - Tony Scanlan
  • Frances McDormand - Nora Scanlan
  • Anthony Dileo Jr. - Enrique
  • Helena Ruoti - Sheila Fujoti
  • Dylan Baker - Unsworth
  • Jim Corr - Daniel
  • Dan Futterman - Tom


The movie gained mixed reviews.

Box Office

The film was not a success.

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