Patrice Anne "Pat" Musick is an American voice actress, who is best known for voicing Haru's Mother in the Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender, Martha Wayne in Batman: The Brave and Bold, Harold Frumpkin in the Nickelodeon series Rugrats, Janine Melnitz in Extreme Ghostbusters, Albo in the 2011 series of ThunderCats, and Tony Toponi in the An American Tail franchise.

For Disney, she voiced Fiddler Pig in House of Mouse; an ugly bug in The Buzz on Maggie, an angry woman, a distressed woman, an eccentric lady, Mrs. Anderson, and a shopper in Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas, a little old lady in Bonkers, a little girl in Darkwing Duck, Ursa Gummi in Gummi Bears, Bully Beagle and an umpire in DuckTales, Dolphina in Sofia the First, and Slimy and Flasher in unused footage of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Disney Roles

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