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The Path of Peril is one of the major locations in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward.


The Path of Peril is accessed after leaving New Mushroomton via border, alongside Knolling Hills which is accessed up north. It is a large area which features numerous modern buildings such as shops, restaurants, and other facilities.

The farthest part in the Path of Peril is the northern part leading to Raven's Point. The area leading to Raven's Point is filled with multiple beanstalks everywhere, followed by a chasm and an ancient drawbridge known as the "Trust Bridge". The other side of it is Raven's Point where it features numerous mountains and raven statues.

Points of interest

  • Manticore's Tavern - A family-friendly restaurant owned by Corey the Manticore herself.
  • Swamp Gas - A local mart and gas station where various sprites known as the Pixie Dusters occupy this place.
  • Pawn Shop - A small shop which sells many forged objects, especially swords.
  • Trust Bridge - An area leading from the Path of Peril to Raven's Point. In this area are large beanstalks near an enormous chasm which has an ancient drawbridge in it.

Role in the film

The Path of Peril is first accessed when Ian and Barley begin their quest via their van Guinevere, accessing the border. The brothers' first stop was at the Manticore's Tavern while Barley keeps instructing Ian to practice the use of different magic spells so he can get better at mastering it to revive his father. Arriving at the Manticore's Tavern, the elf brothers ask the restaurant owner Corey about trying to help find the Phoenix Gem but she refuses. As she angrily sets the tavern on fire, she returns to her job as an adventurer. Fortunately, Ian and Barley receive only one surviving clue which is a kid's menu done by Kayla linked to Raven's Point, the area where the Phoenix Gem would be at.

Along the way, Laurel arrives there as well and recruits Corey during an interview about the incident who is talking about her encounter with Ian and Barley.

On their way to Raven's Point, Guinevere runs out of gas and Ian attempts to enlarge the gas can to refill fuel but accidentally shrinks Barley, forcing the elf brothers and their father to go to a local mart called Swamp Gas where they notice various fairies occupying this place. Ian manages to buy a refill for their van, along with some bags of Cheese Puffs and a bathroom key, due to Barley's impatience which increases Ian's cost.

Meanwhile, Corey joins Laurel as she tells her about the prophecy about those daring to find the Phoenix Gem would unleash a dangerous curse summoning a dragon/monster to go after the thief who has the Phoenix Gem and the only way to destroy it is to use the Curse Crusher, which is sold at a pawn shop.

Back with the elf brothers refilling fuel for Guinevere, Ian notices Barley arguing with Dewdrop, the leader of the Pixie Dusters, just as Ian nervously takes him away along with his father and also causing the Pixie Dusters' motorcycles to crash into each other. Ian, Barley, and their father escape while the Pixie Dusters chase them via motorcycles. Fortunately, they manage to escape from the fairies chasing them as they end up getting caught by the police preparing to arrest them. To avoid getting arrested, Ian and Barley disguise themselves as Colt Bronco, confusing police officers Specter and Gore just as the elf brothers continue their journey to Raven's Point.

Barley then stops to get Elixir from a soda machine, just as he and Ian argue about the things the two did wrong to which their conversation is interrupted when they notice their father dancing in Barley's van as the elf brothers and their father dance to the music. Meanwhile, Corey and Laurel arrive at the Pawn Shop where they obtain the Curse Crusher from a ruthless store owner named "Grecklin" to which Corey paralyzes her for an unfair amount of money so she paralyzes her and obtains the sword she is searching for.

Continuing their journey to Raven's Point, the brothers arrive at a large vegetation area of large beanstalks where Barley discusses that the dangers faced there are a centicore (half centaur half manticore), a wolf dragon, and also a volatile gelatinous cube. While discussing, the two arrive at a large chasm which is known and on the other side is an ancient drawbridge known as the "Trust Bridge" where Ian uses a spell to help him reach the lever. Successfully doing so, the drawbridge lowers, just as the elf brothers and their father arrive at the path to Raven's Point where they encounter adversities just as Laurel and Corey are on their way to keep up with the Elf Brothers only to have Laurel's van crash after noticing a Pixie Duster member on her car's window. However, back with Ian and Barley, the two and the their father survive a gauntlet only to find out that they are at New Mushroomton again.

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