Patrick Begorra is a leprechaun character created in 1955 for the Disneyland storybook, Little Man of Disneyland, written by Jane Werner.


Peter Begorra is a very small leprechaun who inhabits Adventureland in Disneyland, living in a house carved from the base of a tree.


Little Man of Disneyland

Begorra had lived in one of the many orange trees that were present in Anaheim before the arrival of Disneyland. After seeing the plans of Disneyland, he gave permission to build the park, as long as he is given a home, settling somewhere in Adventureland.

Tales from Adventureland

Patrick Begorra is a major character in the final book, The Doomsday Device.

Last of the legendary leprechauns, Begorra guards the Eternal Tree, an enchanted date palm also referred to as the Dominguez palm (a reference to the actual oldest tree in Disneyland park). He and the tree are sought out by the Jungle Explorers Society to find a way to counter the ancient Doomsday Device that has fallen into the hands of the villainous Collective.

Begorra only appears to those who pass a series of tests relating to "the high C's": Courage, Cleverness, and Compassion. His domain in the roots of the Eternal Tree is guarded by creatures from Celtic lore such as the banshee, the dullahan, and the dearg due.

Disney Parks


In the wake of the book's popularity, his home was placed onto one of the trees near the Jungle Cruise, though this feature was removed decades later. When The Little Man of Disneyland was reprinted, his home was reinstalled in a tree at the entrance to Indiana Jones Adventure.[1]



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