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Patrick Doyle is a Scottish composer. He has been at work since 1989. He has composed the scores for several fantasy movies, such as Henry V, Sense and Sensibility, Hamlet, Quest for Camelot, and the Harry Potter film series.

For Disney, he composed the scores for Shipwrecked, Brave, Cinderella, Artemis Fowl, and Death on the Nile.

Feature Film Filmography

Year Film Position Subsidiary
1990 Shipwrecked Music Walt Disney Pictures
2012 Brave Original Score Composed Pixar
2013 Thor: The Dark World Original Themes Marvel Studios
2015 Cinderella Music Walt Disney Pictures
2017 Thor: Ragnarok Original Themes Marvel Studios
2020 Artemis Fowl Music Walt Disney Pictures
2022 Death on the Nile Music 20th Century Studios
2022 Thor: Love and Thunder Original Themes Marvel Studios



  • Doyle is the fourth out of six composers to have worked on a Pixar film.