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Patricia "Patti" Szalinski is one of the main protagonists of the direct-to-video film Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. She is the wife of Gordon Szalinski, making her the sister-in-law of Wayne Szalinski. She is portrayed by Robin Bartlett in the film.


At some point, Patti met and married Gordon Szalinski, brother of renowned inventor Wayne Szalinski and co-owner of Szalinski Labs. With him, she had two children: a daughter, Jenny and a son, Mitch. However, Patti did not have much trust in Jenny, and Mitch suffered from potassium deficiency, requiring medicine to help him stay active.

At some point, Patti became friends with Wayne's wife, Diane.


Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves

Patti and Diane are about to go on a two-day vacation together, leaving their husbands in charge of the kids. However, as they are leaving, Patti realized she forgot to leave Mitch's medicine, farcing them to go back. Once they bring it back, they hear Wayne's shrinking machine go off (Diane had tasked Wayne with getting rid of the Tiki Man statue they had, which he decided to do by shrinking it), prompting them to investigate. Unfortunately, they end up being shrunken alongside their husbands as a result.

Patti and the rest of the adults then formulate a plan to get the kids' attention so they can be restored back to normal. This is hindered by the kids using the opportunity to throw a house party, and Mitch slowly becoming ill from his potassium deficiency. Patti and Diane split up from Wayne and Gordon in order to get Mitch his medicine, freeing a Daddy long Legs from a spiderweb to get on the kitchen counter. During this, Patti witnesses Jenny get an unwarranted kiss from her crush, Ricky King, and subsequently diss him. This causes Patti to change her judgement of Jenny, realizing she can handle herself. Unfortunately, while they manage to get Mitch's attention, he faints due to his potassium deficiency (and the shock of seeing his mom and aunt shrunken), prompting Adam to give him a banana to help him. Eventually, Wayne and Gordon manage to alert the kids, and the adults are eventually restored to normal size.


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