Paul Bunyan is the protagonist of the Disney 1958 animated short of the same name that was released on August 1, 1958.



Paul is a kind and helpful giant, using his size and double-bladed axe to cut down trees.

Physical appearance

As a grown giant, Paul wears a tan lumberjack's hat, a red shirt with the sleeves rolled up with a yellow undershirt underneath, brown pants with red suspenders, red socks, and black boots with hobnails on the soles.

Cameo appearances

In the TV series Aladdin, Genie is shown to transform into a version of Paul Bunyan a few times.

Paul made cameo appearances in the television series House of Mouse. In "Ask Von Drake", he was mentioned in the song The Ludwig Von Drake Song.

In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Greece Lightning", the gang races past a pancake restaurant with the slogan "Paul Bunyan! Where the food is good (but not too good, eh)." Two statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe can also be seen at the entrance of the restaurant.

In Bolt, an image of Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox appeared on the Waffle World U.S.A. Map.

In Gravity Falls, a statue of him appears in the theme song of the show, and during Weirdmageddon, the statue is brought to life and walks around town.


  • As said in the song, he is described as "63 axe handles high". As the average axe handle is about 18 inches long (45.72 cm), that would make him about 94.5 feet (about 29 meters) tall. As a baby, the choir who sang him to sleep said he was "10 axe handles high". Paul being 63 axe handles high is further confirmed in American Legends by James Earl Jones.
  • According to James Earl Jones in American Legends, Paul was also as strong as 10 grizzlies.
  • In Once Upon a Time, Paul Bunyan didn't appear. However, an illustration represents him in the second tome of fairy-tales found by Henry Mills and Violet.



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