Paul Murry was an American cartoonist and comics artist. He is best known for his Disney comics, which appeared in Dell Comics and Gold Key Comics from 1946 to 1984.

Like many Disney comic book artists Murry started his career working at the Walt Disney Studios. During his time there he was an assistant to legendary animator Fred Moore. In the 1940s, Murry worked on Disney newspaper strips, including the Sunday Uncle Remus and His Tales of Brer Rabbit strip from the first installment on October 14, 1945 through July 14, 1946. After leaving the studio in 1946 he began to work for Western Publishing doing stories featuring the Disney characters. Dell Four Color No. 129 (1946) featuring three Uncle Remus stories penciled by Murry was the first comic book containing his artwork.

He is best known for his rendition of Mickey Mouse and associated characters. This includes serials starring Mickey and Goofy in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories and Mickey Mouse Magazine. Many of these serials were written by Carl Fallberg. Murry's first published Mickey Mouse story was "Mickey Mouse and the Monster Whale," in Vacation Parade #1 (July 1950). Murry also drew such characters as Donald Duck, Uncle Scrooge, Br'er Rabbit, The Sleuth, and others. The Phantom Blot and Super Goof comic books contained many Murry stories. He was also an animator and in between artist on several early Disney animated features, such as Pinocchio, Fantasia, The Reluctant Dragon, Dumbo, Saludos Amigos, The Three Caballeros, and Song of the South.

Besides Disney, Murry also drew Woody Woodpecker comics, the Buck O'Rue comic strip (written by Dick Huemer), and gag cartoons.

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Profili Album Paul Murry: Mice, Ducks and Cheesecake (Glamour International, 2002). Includes a generous selection of Murry's girlie cartoons done in the 1950s along with a sequence from the Buck O'Rue western comic strip Murry did with writer Dick Huemer from 1951-1953. The book has text in Italian and English.

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