The Pawn Shop is a located in the 2020 Disney/Pixar animated feature film, Onward. It is where the Curse Crusher, a sword owned by Corey the Manticore, was sold as one of the rarest objects in the world.


The Pawn Shop is a small shop, hence its name. It sells many forged objects inside and one of the rarest sold is the Curse Crusher.

Role in the film

On their way to rescue Ian and Barley, Corey and Laurel stop by at the spot where the Curse Crusher is supposed to be at, based on what was seen in Corey's prophecy about the Phoenix Gem. There, the two encounter Grecklin who sells the two a garlic crusher instead to which the two demand them the Curse Crusher instead. Thinking buying the Curse Crusher would be at an inexpensive price, Grecklin harshly give the two a very expensive price to which, much to her greed, Corey paralyzes her using her stinger as the two grab the sword paying her some money, much to her protests. The two manage to leave the pawn shop to continue their journey to rescue Ian and Barley.


  • One of the locations near the Pawn Shop center is called "The Sword in the Scone", a spoof of the 1938 novel, "The Sword in the Stone" which in turn would be adapted into a 1963 film.

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