Peck is a stork in the Pixar animated short, Partly Cloudy. Left with the task of delivering Gus's dangerous babies, Peck is constantly injured by Gus's creations as he delivers them. He suffers from getting bitten by an alligator, headbutted by a ram, pricked by a porcupine, and shocked by an eel, but anyway, continues to do his job with a positive attitude because of his friendship with Gus.

Role in the short film

Peck arrives to a dark cloud named Gus to know if he has a baby for him to deliver in which he hands him a baby alligator which constantly bites him as he decides to deliver the baby alligator to its parents. As he does so, Gus then creates a baby ram for him to deliver which constantly hits him with its horns as Peck decides to deliver the ram to its parents. Upon delivering the ram to its parents, Gus then creates a baby porcupine in which Peck notices he has porcupine quills all over him. Peck then decides to deliver the baby porcupine to its parents.

That evening, Peck arrives towards Gus as he shows him a baby shark in its cloud form. Feeling nervous, Peck decides not to accept the baby shark and flies to another cloud to get help, leaving the shark unfinished and Gus upset and lonely. Peck suddenly arrives back and receives football equipment from one of the clouds to protect himself from getting injured by dangerous baby animals, making Gus overjoyed that he is finally back as Gus creates an electric eel with him. Gus is finally happy to be reunited with Peck to get his job back, albeit with the stork being electrocuted by the eel.

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