"Pecos Bill" is a song from the eponymous segment of the 1948 animated anthology film, Melody Time. It was composed by Eliot Daniel and Johnny Lange. It was performed by Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers.

It was later performed on The Muppet Show in the Wally Boag episode, sung by Wally, Annie Sue, and other Muppets.

It would also be used in some Disney Sing Along Songs videos including From Hercules, Little Patch of Heaven, and Let's Go to Disneyland Paris. In the version used in Let's Go to Disneyland Paris, Goofy assumes the role of Pecos Bill.


Pecos Bill was quite a cowboy down in Texas
And the western Superman to say the least
He was the roughest, toughest critter
Never known to be a quitter
'Cause he never had no fear of man nor beast

So, Yippee-i-ay, i-ay, yippee-i-ohh,
Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo

Once he roped a raging cyclone out of nowhere...
Then he straddled it and settled down with ease
And while that cyclone bucked and flitted
Pecos rolled a smoke and lit it
And he tamed that ornery wind down to a breeze

So yippee-i-ay, i-ay, yippee-i-ohh, i-ohh


Once there was a drought that spread all over Texas...
So to sunny Californy he did go
And though the gag is kinda corny
He brought rain from Californy
That's the way we got the Gulf of Mexico

So yippee-i-ay, i-ay, yippee-i-ohh,
Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo

Once a band of rustlers stole a herd of cattle...
But they didn't know the herd they stole was Bill's
And when he caught them crooked villains
Pecos knocked out all their fillin's
That's the reason why there's gold in them thar hills

So yippee-i-ay, i-ay, yippee-i-ohh, i-ohh,
Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo

Oh, Pecos lost his way while travelin' on the desert (Water...)
It was 90 miles across the burnin' sand (Water...)
He knew he'd never reach the border (Water...)
If he didn't get some water (Water...)
So he got a stick and dug the Rio Grande


While a tribe of painted Indians did a war dance
Pecos started shootin' up their little game
He gave them redskins such a shakeup
That they jumped out from their makeup
That's the way the Painted Desert got its name

So yippee-i-ay, i-ohh...
Fer the toughest critter west of the Alamo

While reclining on a cloud high over Texas
With his gun he made the stars evaporate
Then Pecos saw the stars declining,
So he left one brightly shinin'
As the emblem of the Lone Star Texas State!

So yippee-i-ay, yippee-i-ohh...



  • In the United States, the verse about the cyclone was cut from the song when Disney was removing the cigarette of Pecos Bill in various scenes of the segment. This version of the song appears in Disney Sing Along Songs: Little Patch of Heaven.
  • In the version that's used in Let's Go to Disneyland Paris, the sing-along uses a few verses from the original song although that version only uses the first verse and the verses about Pecos Bill with the painted Indians and dealing with the cattle rustlers along with the "yippiee-ai-ay" part of the song being repeated a few times.
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