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Open my eyes. If the answer is here, help me find it. Help me protect our family. Help me save our miracle.
―Alma praying to a portrait of Pedro.

Pedro Madrigal is a minor character in the 2021 Disney animated film Encanto. He is the late patriarch of the Madrigal family, husband of Alma Madrigal, father of triplets Julieta, Pepa and Bruno, and the grandfather of Isabela, Dolores, Luisa, Camilo, Mirabel, and Antonio. He dies at the start of the film when he sacrifices his life to a band of ruthless soldiers, saving his family and causing them to be gifted with magic.


Aside from the fact that he was a shopkeeper when he met Alma Madrigal, Pedro's past prior to becoming Alma's husband is unknown. At an undefined point in the past, he met Alma during a celebration for Day of the Little Candles in their village,[1] where they fell in love and eventually got married. Sometime later, Pedro lived with his wife blissfully with children on the way. On the day of the triplets’ birth, a conflict called the Thousand Days' War struck his town and he was forced to leave his home with his family.[2] During the conflict that same day, the family along with some villagers were chased by the soldiers while trying to escape.[3][4] Knowing that they could not escape them, Pedro said goodbye to his wife and his three children to try to reason with them, hoping to appeal to their humanity and his family could escape, which cost him his life.[5]

Immediately after his death, the candle Alma held onto was imbued with magic, and a miracle helped her and her children, Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno, as well as the villagers survive. The miracle also created Casa Madrigal in an Encanto, where Alma became the matriarch of their family and passed down the magic of the candle to her and Pedro's descendants, as well as preserving the town. Pedro is still remembered fondly by his wife, who remains loyal to him and often prays to him when in need. A portrait of Pedro is hung in the Casita, which his family greets every morning, and Alma keeps a locket with his picture around her neck at all times.

Official Description[]

Abuelo Pedro was Alma's husband and the patriarch of the family. He died fifty years ago, when he and Abuela Alma left their home in search of a better life. Abuela Alma attributes the miracle of the Madrigal family to his sacrifice.
Brave and kind, Abuelo Pedro was Abuela's loving husband and father to the triplets: Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. Fifty years ago, while leading his family and people away from the dangers of their village, he gave his life to save them. The magic of the Encanto began on that night.[6]

Role in the film[]

Pedro is seen in two flashbacks throughout the entire film. In the beginning of the film, Pedro and his wife are shown to have been forced to leave their home with their newborn children during an attack. When the young family and other runaway villagers arrive at a river, Pedro sacrificed himself to the Soldiers who were chasing after the escaping villagers, allowing Alma and their children to escape but at the cost of his life. Following her husband’s death, Alma's candle transformed into a magical candle, which brought to life the village of Encanto and the sentient Casa Madrigal.

Later in the movie, after Casa Madrigal is destroyed following the loss of its magic, a heartbroken Mirabel, whose argument with Alma resulted in the loss of the family's magic and home, runs away and inadvertently ends up at the river where her grandfather was killed. Abuela finds Mirabel there and confesses that she had not been able to come back to the river following the tragedy. During the "Dos Oruguitas" flashback sequence, Pedro is seen to have met and fallen in love with Alma, and they married. The couple then had triplets before an armed conflict forced them to evacuate their home. Pedro, Alma, their three infant children, and a group of surviving villagers had just reached the river before the following soldiers caught up with them. Pedro bravely distracted the soldiers to buy his family and community some time to escape, although this selfless act was at the cost of his own life. His widow, Alma, was later gifted a miracle, and she raised her family alone in Casa Madrigal within a safe haven for them and their community. Alma acknowledges that their problems were really because she allowed her fear of losing the miracle make her lose sight of her family, not Mirabel, in a moment of maturity, and understands her strictness was a resolve to ensure their family and community's safety. Mirabel further assures Alma that, in spite of her well-intentioned mistakes, suffered through a broken heart to raise their family and lead their community alone, and that it was not too late for them to make things right together. The pair hug and reconcile, with Alma saying that when she asked Pedro for help, he sent her Mirabel. Afterwards, the family and the entire town work together to rebuild the Casita.


  • Pedro's name is derived from "Peter" but is translated to Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Pedro's age when he crosses the river is confirmed to be the same as Sebastián Yatra's when he recorded the song "Dos Oruguitas". Taking in consideration his birthyear (1994) and the year in which the song was recorded (2020), this would mean Pedro would have been 26 years old before his death.[7]
  • Pedro is the only member of the Madrigal family to have no speaking lines.
  • It's been theorized that after Pedro died, his soul had entered the candle and became Casita.[8]
  • According to the movie's junior novelization, Alma (secretly) sees much of Pedro in Mirabel.
    • Bruno and Camilo, in different ways, seem to inherit his humorous personality.
  • Animators Jackie Koehler and Andrew Ford worked on the scene in which Alma and Pedro meet. This is ironic since the two animators are also a married couple in real life.[9]
    • The two animators who did the reference footage for Alma and Pedro's wedding during the "Dos Oruguitas" sequence are also a married couple.[10]
    • There is also a The Lion King Easter egg in the montage where Alma and Pedro meet as well. Animation supervisor David Stodolny revealed that the two were actually talking about Simba and Mufasa during this moment.[11]
  • According to Jared Bush, Pedro was originally supposed to wear glasses, but the idea was scrapped as it felt too overt.[12]
  • Since Pedro's sacrifice was what created the Encanto, Alma has made sure he is seen as an important emotional figure by both their family and the townspeople.[13]





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