Penny's Father is a minor character in the 2008 Disney animated film, Bolt. He is an actor who portrays the father of Penny in the TV show.



He is first seen calling Penny and informs her that Dr. Calico and his henchmen have captured him and are holding him hostage but explains that he gave her dog, Bolt incredible super powers so she can find him. He isn't seen again for a while in the film, until during last filming set where Calico showed him that they've captured Penny but just as Bolt's lookalike shows up, however the dog gets spooked and accidentally knocks over a fire post that set the whole stage on fire which forced everyone to leave the studio.

This actor wasn't seen again afterwards, it is unknown whether if he either got burned alive, send to the hospital or barely escape the fire.

Super Rhino

Penny's Father discover that Dr. Calico captured both Penny and Bolt and sends super-powered Rhino to save them.

Bolt: The Video Game

Penny's Father voice was heard on the phone that Dr. Calico handed to Penny, when he and his men got their hands on her at the ancient temple; before Bolt came to her rescue. Dr. Calico made him believe that he still had her and that he would not harm her in anyway if he build them a weapon. He later made a appearance when he stuck his head out of the helicopter that Dr. Calico was trying to get on, begging Penny to get Bolt to stop the missals that his captor had lunched.


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