Penny's House is where Penny, her mother, and later, Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino live in Bolt.


Not much is known about the house, the only interior parts were shown are the living room.

The outer field has a barn, showing that its part of a farm. Behind the house has a swing set. Also, there's a cornfield across the road.

During the credits, the rest of the interior were shown; the kitchen, Penny's room, it also showed Rhino opening a closet door filled with instruments. And, its not shown, its implied that Penny's mom has a room of her own.


  • Three birds were shown trying to figure out who's Bolt but to no avail, mirroring Joey, Vinnie and Bobby meeting Bolt when he was in New York.
  • The house has a barn, implying that the house used to be a farm.
  • If you count the credits, the only interior parts were shown are the living room, the kitchen, and Penny's room.

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