Pepper Ann's house

Pepper Ann's house from the front. Pepper Ann, Lydia, Moose, and Steve the Cat live in the left side. Aunt Janie, Uncle JoJo, and Ned live in the right.

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Pepper Ann's house is commonly seen in episodes. The Living room is the most seen. The house is a duplex. Aunt Janie, Uncle JoJo, and Ned live in the other side.

The Living Room/Foyer

The Living room is the most seen area in the whole house, next to Pepper Ann's bedroom.

There is a television stand in the living room with a Clock, some VHS tapes, a VCR, and of course, a TV.

The Dining Area

The Dining room is a living room-dining room combination. Pepper Ann and her family can be seen eating here at multiple times throughout the series.

The Kitchen/Laundry Closet

There is a small kitchen in the back of the house with a door leading outside and a laundry closet to the right.


Upstairs are Lydia, Moose, and Pepper Ann's rooms. Pepper Ann and Moose's are next door to each other.

There is also a bathroom.

Pepper Ann's Room

Pepper Ann's room is blue and has A dresser, a nightstand, a bed of course, and lots of other things like the replica of Milo's hat seen in "The Tell-Tale Fuzzy".

Moose's Room

Moose's room is bright pink and has a bunk bed, a dresser, and lots of other things.

Lydia's Room

Lydia's room is white and has a full/queen sized bed with lamps on the headboard, apparently a Television since Grandma was watching Spanish Soap Operas in Lydia's room in "One Angry Woman".


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