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Jennifer "Pepper Ann" Pearson is the protagonist of the animated series Pepper Ann. She is a geeky, hyperactive and unpredictable 12-year-old 7th grade girl who attends Hazelnut Middle School with her best friends Milo Kamalani and Nicky Little.


Pepper Ann lives in Hazelnut (implied to be in either Rhode Island or Florida) in a duplex house with her divorced mother Lydia and younger tomboyish sister Moose. Her Uncle JoJo Diggety, Aunt Janie Diggety and cousin Ned live on the other half of the duplex. It is established that Pepper Ann, or P.A. as her friends and family sometimes call her, has a very big and extended family who are all involved with her life in one form or another. Despite her father Chuck not living with them anymore, he still occasionally visits to check in on them.

Throughout the series' run, Pepper Ann's motive is to obtain a level of popularity or "coolness" among her peers. Her views on what are defined as "cool" tend to be flawed and always end up making her situation worse than it was before. She also attempts to vie for the affection of 8th grader Craig Bean whom she has a massive crush on. Throughout the second half of the series, the two of them become casual acquaintances, almost on the verge of being a true couple.

She continuously expresses her desire to become a Nobel prize winning scientist. This is ironic as the teacher that is constantly giving her a hard time is her science teacher Roland Carter, as she has a habit of showing up to his class late and getting handed a detention slip. She considers him a nuisance, but every now and then will see things from his perspective and gain sympathy, only for Mr. Carter to go right back to stifling her with detention slips and calling her out on her behavior.

In "The Finale", it is established that in the series' version of 2013, Pepper Ann becomes an educational video game developer; ironically combining her least favorite and favorite things together. She takes great pride in her work, but reaches out to her friends for advice on a game. It is also heavily implied that she and Craig begin dating.


Pepper Ann is rather eccentric and imaginative for a girl her age. However, being 12 years old (as established in "Doppelganger Didi") she can still sometimes overthink or overanalyze a situation. When this happens, she will consult her reflection for internal advice. Pepper Ann is also sometimes cynical, rude, sarcastic and will drop a passive-aggressive quip or two when she perceives something as strange or foreign to her. Her main objective is to establish some kind of reputation or image based on what she believes to be acceptable. This, along with her inability to listen to reason, frequent ditziness or see things from others' perspectives, usually result in her schemes backfiring in unintentional, but usually hilarious ways. Occasionally, she is shown to be sneaky, manipulative, greedy and willing to take advantage of others in order to get what she wants, but she will always learn her lesson and realize that she is wrong. Regardless, Pepper Ann is ultimately a good person who cares about her friends and family. While she sometimes has trouble accepting certain things, she is quick to adapt and is quick to be motivated whenever something peaks her interest.

Physical appearance

Pepper Ann is a tall and slender Caucasian girl with long puffy red hair that she has tied into a ponytail and wears flat oval shaped glasses with blue lenses. Her signature outfit consists of a purple t-shirt that is slightly lifted in the front and a dark yellow skirt with a strange green and orange circle pattern on it. She has light blue leggings, yellow socks and black and white sneakers.

Other appearances

Pepper Ann and her mother Lydia made a brief cameo near the end of the House of Mouse pilot episode "The Stolen Cartoons", when Tantor throws Pete out of the building, causing Lydia to warn Pepper Ann, "Don't touch the villain, dear." Notably, Pepper Ann and her mother are the only characters created for a Disney television cartoon to ever appear in that show, aside from Ludwig von Drake.

Pepper Ann makes a cameo appearance in the penultimate episode of Amphibia, "All In" where she is seen walking her dog, before noticing King Andrias' invasion. This marks the character's first appearance in 21 years since House of Mouse and 22 years since the finale of Pepper Ann.


  • Pepper Ann originated as a comic strip in YM Magazine and was meant to be a cartoon extension of series creator Sue Rose. Her appearance was also described as being similar to Rose's soda mascot character Fido Dido.
  • Throughout the series, it is heavily implied that Pepper Ann is from a Jewish background. In "Dances with Ignorance", her family is traced back to English, Belgian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Navajo Indian.
  • Pepper Ann has a habit of shouting "Enough!" when things get too far out of hand. She apparently inherited this from her mother as she has been shown to do the same thing.
  • In "Cat Scan", it is revealed that Pepper Ann has a long scar on her arm that she got from Steve. However, for continuity reasons, it is only visible in that episode.
  • Pepper Ann possibly suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This is especially evident in the episode "Peer Counselor P.A." where she has difficulty paying attention to people and is occasionally shown to have certain character tics.
  • Despite not being the best student in Hazelnut Middle School, Pepper Ann apparently knows Morse code, as seen in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Milo". In "Strike it or Not", she is told by Mr. Carter that she is actually her best student, despite the two of them not seeing eye to eye.
  • Pepper Ann's design was a partial inspiration for the design of Amphibia's Anne Boonchuy.[1]
  • Back when the show had a website, there was a Q&A section where you could ask Pepper Ann a question and she would "answer" it. One particular question was asking her how she got her name. Pepper explained that her actual name is "Jennifer", but since there were tons of Jennifers in her class, they decided to call her, "Pepper Ann" as a nickname and it stuck. This is never stated or implied in the show.


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