Percy is a minor character in the 2019 series Amphibia.



Percy is described by Captain Grime as "a cropping idiot, but when he makes a mistake, he owns it and he doesn't stop until he makes things right." Percy is in fact very bumbling, though compared to the other toads it is not saying much. A lot of it could be contributed to the fact that he wishes to be a comedian and make people laugh. While his alignment is bad, he is not an evil person and just wants the approval of those around him. He is highly motivated as he was hellbent on wanting to run away, but upon hearing Grime's words about him, he turned around and decided to defend Toad Tower from the herons.

Physical appearance

Like the other toads, he is big and round and light green, with a lighter underbelly and four fingered hands. He has dark green spots and big yellow eyes and possesses sharp teeth and a light blue tongue.

He wears bronze armor like the Captain and the other toads as well as black pants and boots. He usually wore a small grey helmet that snugly fit on his head, but he switches it out for a common jester hat that fits with his one man band attire.


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