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Peter Maza is a former police officer of the 23rd Precinct, the husband of Diane Maza, and the father of Elisa Maza.


Tired of life in Arizona, Peter left his home, against the wishes of his father, Carlos Maza, for New York City in 1960.

When his daughter Elisa was shot, Peter, his wife Diane Maza, and son Derek Maza all came to her bedside. When Derek considered leaving the police force, Elisa went to Peter for advice, who shared in her desire that Derek remain in the force. Derek did, however, leave "the family business" and became a personal body guard and pilot to David Xanatos.

Peter later expresses his concern over the disappearance of his son, but is reassured by Elisa. He is reintroduced to his son, now a Mutate, as well as Maggie the Cat, Claw, and Fang.

While visiting his daughter, Beth Maza, at Flagstaff University, Peter is confronted by his past in the form of Coyote the Trickster, with whom he has been linked due to a mystical ceremony performed in his youth.


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