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Peter Sohn is an Korean-American animator, film director, storyboard artist, and voice actor at Pixar Animation Studios.

Besides his regular jobs, he was also the physical model for Russell from Up and Squishy from Monsters University, the latter of whom he provided the voice for. He made his directorial debut with The Good Dinosaur.

Feature Film Filmography

Year Film Position Subsidiary
2003 Finding Nemo Story Artist/Production Artist Pixar
2004 The Incredibles Story Artist/Production Artist/Animator/Voice Actor (Mugger)
2007 Ratatouille Story Artist/Animator/Voice Actor (Emile)
2008 WALL-E Story Artist
2009 Up Storyboard Artist
Ponyo English Dub Director Studio Ghibli
2010 Toy Story 3 Additional Production Artist Pixar
2013 Monsters University Voice Actor (Scott Squibbles)
2015 The Good Dinosaur Director/Voice Actor (Forrest Woodbush)
2021 Luca Executive Producer/Voice Actor (Ciccio)
2022 Lightyear Voice Actor (Sox)
2023 Elemental Director

Animated Shorts Filmography

Year Film Position Subsidiary
2005 One Man Band Production Art Pixar
2007 Your Friend the Rat Voice Actor (Emile)
2008 Cars Toons Additional Voices ("Tokyo Mater")
2009 Partly Cloudy Writer/Director
George and A.J. Voice Actor (Russell)
2011 Toy Story Toons: Small Fry Voice Actor (Recycle Ben)
2013 Party Central Voice Actor (Scott Squibbles)
Toy Story of Terror! Voice Actor (Transitron)

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  • Sohn is the first Korean to direct a Pixar film.
  • In Finding Nemo, one of the three tiki statues displayed in Philip Sherman's Aquarium is an actual caricature of Peter Sohn; the other two tikis are actual caricatures of Nelson Bohol and Ricky Nierva.


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