Petulia (know in Italy as Petulia Basettoni) is a character created in 1996 by the Italian comic author Giorgio Pezzin and designed by Romano Scarpa as Chief O'Hara's wife for the Italian comics magazine Topolino.


Petulia is the wife of Chief O'Hara. She makes her first appearance in 1996 in the comic story Basettotini e la dieta da fame (Chief O'Hara and Hunger Diet), published on Topolino n. 2109.

She appears mostly as a secondary character (always next to her husband) in many comics strips called "Gulp" and in series of stories like Ultraheroes. Topomiti, Lezioni di Basettoni (Chief O'Hara's Classes), In due, Un commissario in famiglia (A Police Chief as Home), Sorprese Pasquali (Easter Surprises) and Non è facile essere Topolino (It's not easy being Mickey Mouse).

In the story, Trudy, Petulia e la sfida all'ultimo crimine (Trudy Petulia and the Crime Challenge) published on Topolino n. 2395, she becomes a friend of Trudy Van Tubb (Pete's wife) - as the job of the two companions often makes them participate in the places of the incident - and together they decide to participate in a quiz show about "Mousetown's Crime History". 

No more is know about Petulia past and family, but in 2000 story Basettoni & Manetta e la vacanza di tutto riposo (Chief O'Hara & Detective Casey in: Total Relax Vacation) appears her aunt Primula. 


Petulia has the appearance of an anthropomorphic dog, very well dressed and elegant; Semra has a handbag walking and often wears dresses with floral motifs. It is of a stocky build as her husband.

Petulia is a housewife and is an excellent cook, mother and wife.

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