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This article is about the Chronicom Life Model Decoy. For the original model, see Phil Coulson.

But odd is the new normal. I mean you are a highly sophisticated robot version of yourself, and we're in a diner in the 50's
Daisy to Coulson[src]

Agent Phil Coulson is a character featured on the Marvel Television/ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He is the most advanced LMD (Life Model Decoy) made, due to his advanced Chronicom hardware, and was created with memories of his model, Phil Coulson. He was created to assist the real Coulson's former team, in preventing the Chronicoms from completing their mission in destroying S.H.I.E.L.D.. He is portrayed by Clark Gregg, and makes his first appearance in the season six finale, "New Life".

Powers and Abilities


  • Durability: Coulson has been shown to be immune to bullets targeted at him. He is able to resist them, without any physical harm.
  • Superhuman Strength: Coulson posses strength, beyond the abilities of an ordinary person.


  • Complete SHIELD History: As an android created with the brain scan of Philip J. Coulson, this version possesses all the knowledge of the model he was based on, as well as knowledge input into him.
  • Combatant: Like his original model, this android is capable of physically fighting with other individuals, and is knowledgable in hand-to-hand combat.


Following the death of Phil Coulson, the Chronicoms plan an attack on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, in order to establish a new home on Earth. They gain access to Fury's black box, which contains a database of classified information, gaining new knowledge on S.H.I.E.L.D.. In order to combat them, Enoch, with the assistance of Fitz and Simmons, helps create an advanced Life Model Decoy of Phil Coulson, with Chronicom technology, with all of Coulson's prior knowledge, being embedded in the android, as well as all the information he may have gained, following his death, making him, their new expert in S.H.I.E.L.D history. He is transported to Zephyr One, and sent back in time, to 1931, New York City, along with the other passengers of the ship. Following Simmons' revelation of his conception, he is activated by Daisy, and the newly awakened LMD greets his teammates. Visibly confused by his surroundings, it is soon clear, Coulson is unaware of his nature. Simmons reveals to him, she gathered a scan of his brain from the framework, updating it with the information he missed, but Coulson is unable to comprehend this, and just notes on how different he feels. Daisy reveals to the truth to him, and Coulson goes into denial, before realizing the the truth for himself. The revelation, along with a sudden resurgence of data, causes Coulson to breakdown, and process all the information at once, leaving Mack to deactivate him. Mack reactivates Coulson, who has now processed all the information, regarding his nature, and the events that transpired. He expresses his disapproval, for having been brought back. Director Mack informs him of their mission, to stop the Chronicoms, and while Coulson agrees to the mission, and expresses his desire to help the team, he will reevaluate, once their mission is over.[1][2]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x01 - The New Deal - Photography - Undercover Agents 2.jpg

Mack, Daisy, Deke, and Coulson travel incognito outside, exploring the streets of New York. As Deke and Daisy marvel at their surrounding, Coulson educates them on what the current timeline entails of. They come across a police investigation, which they believe to have connection to the Chronicoms, and claim to be part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, to gain access to the crime scene. They unearth illegal alcohol, and Coulson connects the swordfish emblem, on the bottle lid, to an old speakeasy, which would later go on to become an SSR safehouse. Mack and Coulson find the bar, and upon giving a secret password, enter the premises. Coulson looks for a man named Gemini, who he knows, goes on to become a SSR asset, and maintains peace, while working at the bar. The pair ask the bartender, but are held at gunpoint by the staff members instead. The two protest, their innocence, though the staff remain skeptical. Coulson's status as an android, gives him immunity to bullets, and he is able to disarm them. They demand for the whereabouts of Gemini, who reveals himself to the agents, and they're shocked to discover he is Koenig, grandfather of their allies, and fellow S.H.I.E.L.D. teammates, the Koenig siblings. The trio have a sit down, to discuss the Chronicom attacks, hoping to finds an answer to who the intended targets are, though maintain their cover, by claiming they're a gang. Koenig reveals he is helping organize a party for FDR, and Coulson deduces he is the planned target, as FDR formed the SSR, which went on to become S.H.I.E.L.D.. The pair meet up at the party, with Daisy and Deke, to prevent the Chronicom's attack, and Mack orders Coulson to keep FDR safe, once he arrives. As Coulson stands watch, Daisy apologizes to Coulson for bringing him back, knowing it was against his wishes, and Coulson expresses how overwhelmed he feels, just like she may have done. Governor FDR arrives, and he and Daisy maintain an eye over him, but the pair wonder, why he isn't being targeted, dismissing it to the fact that he is currently exposed, and the Chronicoms want to remain discreet. They follow FDR, who leaves the room, but finds he still hasn't been targeted. Coulson comes to the realization that FRD isn't the target, and at the same time, Simmons informs them, the intended target is Freddy, a young man who works for Koenig. The group manage to find him, and Coulson and Daisy engage in fight with the Chronicoms, while Deke and Mack keep him safe. Coulson brings Viola, a woman in the company of Freddy who was shot, to Koenig's bar, along with Daisy, and ask for a reason he has been targeted. Koenig is unaware why he would be, mentioning once his father, Old Man Malick died, his debts were paid. The name Malick, brings Coulson and Daisy to the realization, that Freddy is the father of Gideon Malick, who grows up to become one of the future heads of HYDRA, and that the formation of the terrorist group, inspired S.H.I.E.L.D., meaning in order to save S.H.I.E.L.D., they need to save HYDRA.[2]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x02 - Know Your Onions - Photography - Interrogation.jpg

Coulson keeps pressure on Viola's wound, as Koenig expresses his outrage at the carnage he and Daisy have brought. Simmons and Elena arrive, to operate on Viola, and Coulson explains to them Freddy has been targeted, due to his future lineage. Daisy argues they should let Freddy die, but Coulson argues back, citing the potential unforeseen consequences they could cause, by changing the timeline. Coulson contacts Enoch to alert him that they're returning to the Zephyr One, and need to reach Mack, and Enoch informs the group, May has woken up. Koenig warns them the Chronicoms are arriving, and hides Coulson and the rest of the team in a backroom, while they arrive, under the guise of an inspection. As Koenig keeps them distracted, Viola waked up, and when they leave, the group interrogate her. Simmons finds a drop of the liquid Viola gave Freddy, on her shoe, and after an analysis, she informs Coulson and the team, she had identified it as the serum that turned Johann Schmidt into the Red Skull. This revelation causes Coulson and Daisy to debate once again, discussing the ramifications of changing the timeline. At the same time, they receive an update from May, who is still unaware of Coulson's return. After questioning, Viola informs them, Freddy is set to arrive at Hell's Harbor. The team arrive on the Zephyr One for travel, along with Koenig, and find May, in combat with Enoch. She acknowledges Coulson's presence, but remains unphased, to his surprise. The group witnesses Koenig dumbfounded by his new surroundings, and Coulson asks him to lead them to Hell's Harbor. On their journey Coulson explains who the group are, why they traveled back in time, and how Freddy is involved in their mission. At the same moment, Simmons informs them that the time window is closing in seventeen minutes, and they have until then, before the Zephyr One leaves, with or without them. Coulson, Daisy and Enoch are able to track Mack and Deke, but are preoccupied in a showdown with the Chronicoms. When the group realize the Chronicoms left due to the closing time window, they race towards the Zephyr One, in an effort to reach it, before it leaves without them. They're able to escape, but are forced to leave without Enoch, who was left behind.[3]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x03 - Alien Commies from the Future! - Photography - Coulson and Daisy.jpg

The team finds themselves in Groom Lake, Nevada, home of Area 51, and are now in 1955, though Coulson finds comfort in this, as Area 51 is a S.H.I.E.L.D. base. He finds a class 5 project in the archives, that was being worked on, called Helius, revealed to have the potential to destroy ships, and a possible target for the Chronicoms, who want to stop the team. Coulson, Daisy, Mack and Elena change into era-appropriate clothing, and settle into a diner, as they wait for Gerald Sharpe, a member of the Department of Defense who can give them clearance to the base. Coulson voices his concerns to Daisy, over May, after witnessing her emotionless response to seeing him, and while Daisy agrees what transpired was strange, she argues the oddities of their lives have now turned into the new normal, using the Coulson's robotic body, and their time-travelling experiences, as an example. Coulson agrees, excitedly pointing out the year, as a golden age of innovation, though Daisy sarcastically responds, by referring to the segregated bathroom sign. When Sharpe enters the diner, Daisy drugs creamer for him, and when he falls unconscious, the group take his body back to Zephyr One. Coulson uses his identity to infiltrate the base in search for Chronicoms, along with Simmons, who uses "Peggy Carter", as an alias. The pair are escorted into a laboratory, by S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist, Pascal Vega, who shows them their inventions. He leads them to a smaller model design of Helius, revealing the actual invention to be outside, at the base. Coulson and Simmons decide that the best course of action, is to identify and potential Chronicoms that may have also infiltrated the base, by triggering an emotional response, which Chronicoms are incapable of. They go through the scientists, one-by-one, who all display some form of emotions, when Vega reveals a new set of arrivals have entered from the bus. Coulson leaves Simmons, to interrogate the new group, and in the middle of doing so, is arrested by Daniel Sousa, who discovers the two to be impostors. They're locked away, but Daisy manages to convince Sousa, she is a CIA agent and has claim them. When Sousa opens the door, to free them, an alarm goes off, and Coulson quickly pushes him inside, before apologizing, exclaiming he is a fan of his. The three run outside, and discover Helius has been activated, and can't be stopped. Coulson instructs Vega to evacuate everyone on the bus, while they go in pursuit of the Chronicoms. Coulson fights of a Chronicom, separated from Daisy and Simmons, and has his head repeatedly bashed to the ground. Sousa who managed to escape, witnesses this, and tries to intervene, but is attacked instead. As he is being strangled, Simmon activated an EMP, effectively deactivating all the Chronicom Hunters, while also rendering Coulson's android body damaged.[4]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x04 - Out of the Past - Photogrpahy - Coulson.jpg

Coulson comes to, only to find himself in custody of Agent Sousa, and his vision, in grayscale. While he can break free from his restraints, Coulson chooses to hold off. He comes to realize, that he has reached the date of Agent Sousa's death. Coulson uses his knowledge of the future, to convince Sousa, he is an ally, working with him, to deliver a package to Howard Stark. He makes a call to Enoch, who transfers his call to the crew at the Zephyr One, and he alerts them of the Chronicom's attack, which included a scientist, who created technology, vital to the future of S.H.I.E.L.D., causing an alteration in history. Coulson, goes abroad a train, with an oblivious Sousa, who believes Coulson's contact, will hand them the package onboard. As the pair sit down, Coulson worries, as his teammates have yet to arrive, with the package, leaving him to stall instead. As the train moves, Coulson witnesses a man place his bowler hat on top of his head, before falling asleep. He claims he is their secret contact, with the package they need, and takes his briefcase, buying himsel time, and waiting until he reaches his team, who will have the real package. As the two wait for the train to reach its destination, Coulson questions what Sousa's life entails of, being an agent. He confesses his life is mostly constituted of his work, and deducts that the same may apply to Coulson, due to the absence of a wedding ring on his finger. Coulson confesses there was someone, though he wasn't around long enough, alluding to his real life counterpart's death. When Sousa asks whether he can see the package, Coulson refuses, claiming they're for Stark's eyes only. The two further talk, until Sousa leaves to get a drink, and as he does, Coulson is approached by Luke, one of the Chronicom Hunters. He offers a proposal, though Coulson quickly rebuffs him, questioning why he doesn't go directly towards the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Luke comments on how, Coulson, much like himself, isn't subject to the limitations of human life, and when Coulson argues humans are what life make worth living, Luke points out the humans around him will die, and he may feel different, after a thousand years. Coulson demands to know what Luke wants, who asks for Earth, to set up their new homeland, in exchange for the Chronicoms charity. Coulson refuses, and Luke argues, that the Chronicoms will escalate their actions, in order to achieve their mission, though Coulson disregards this, threatening, that he and his team will do the same. As Luke leaves, he warns Coulson, they will never be able to see what they do, as they can see, what S.H.I.E.L.D. do, confirming his knowledge of Sousa's predestined death, set to occur tonight, and warning that he can have Sousa killed, immediately instead. Coulson heads towards Sousa, to find him being rescued from attackers, by Daisy and Mack. As an assailant tries to attack him, Coulson, smashes his face with the briefcase, inadvertently opening it, and revealing to Sousa, it's a fake. They escort him to the Quinjet, to where the real package is, and Coulson is relieved to see his team, though worries about Deke, who is missing. They show Sousa the package he needs to deliver, though he is more impressed by their ship. When questioned about Deke's possible kidnappers, Sousa confesses that he believes S.H.I.E.L.D. to be infiltrated by HYDRA, and at this point, Coulson realizes, Sousa was killed by HYDRA members in S.H.I.E.L.D., who wanted to keep their presence, a secret. Sousa reveals that the only one aware of his delivery, was his superior, who Coulson figures out, is Malick, now working as a head of HYDRA, while posing undercover in S.H.I.E.L.D..

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x04 - Out of the Past - Photography - Sousa and Coulson.jpg

Coulson and Mack debate their next course of action, knowing Sousa is set to die, by Malick's orders, and while Coulson argues they need to preserve the timeline, Mack makes the decision, as director, to save him. As they make preparations, they find Sousa has already left on a motorcycle, with the package, to make the delivery. They head towards Hotel Roosevelt, where the meeting will take place, and Coulson reaches him, and knowcks him out, taking his place instead. The gunmen unknowingly shoot Coulson, who they believe to be Sousa, and leave, believing they have completed their mission. Coulson, who's impervious to bullets, poses as corpse, until Simmons and Daisy arrive, to retrieve him, under the guise of hospital workers. Having completed the mission by saving Sousa, and bringing him abroad, while also preserving the timeline, Coulson goes to get himself repaired. Jemma is able to restore his colored vision back, and May, who the team have learnt, has gained the power of empathy, holds Coulson's hand, only to find she can't feel his emotions. When Sousa wakes up, Coulson explains to him, of their mission, and his deceased status, which he has to keep up, to keep the timeline intact. The Zephyr One goes through another time window, and the team find themselves, now in the 70s.[5]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x05 - A Trout in the Milk - Photography - May and Coulson.jpg

The team dress themselves into 70s attire, and Coulson enthusiastically recalls his childhood, while walking through the streets with May. He disappointingly notes her lack of emotion around him, and she informs him she can only feel emotions, passed by people around her, displaying this, by showcasing the anger off a man who bumped into her. When Coulson tries to praise her, May forwards her anger towards him. The pair meet up with Daisy, who updates them on Sousa, who is in awe of his new surroundings. As he joins the group, he asks, how he they knew of his supposed death, and Coulson explains its entry in the history books. When Sousa begins arguing the semantics of time travel, Daisy quickly shuts him down, and Coulson refers him to Simmons for further explanation, offering to return him to the ship, if he feels more comfortable. The four head towards Koenig's old hideout, The Krazy Kanoe, to retrieve Enoch, and find it jam-packed, with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, in festivity. Coulson and Sousa take a seat, unaware of the cause of celebration, though Coulson suspects it may be centered towards General Rick Stoner, who he observes, dancing in the corner. As Stoner begins a speech, the team listen in, only for the Stoner, to present, Wilfred Malick. Coulson is in shock, as history dictated, Malick dies in 1970, three years prior, and learns from Malick's speech, they are celebrating the launch of Project INSIGHT, which was set to be enacted, forty years later, in the original timeline. Coulson explains INSIGHT's purpose, and how it involves S.H.I.E.L.D.'s destruction from within, with the help of double-agents, suggesting that the Chronicoms, may have helped Malick speed up the process of the project. He confesses to Sousa that the Chornicoms threatened to alter the timeline, because he didn't surrender, with Malick still being alive, as an example. Sousa admits disappointment in being forced to leave his timeline, now that the history has already been altered, though Coulson states that his fate would remain unclear, with the Chronicoms involvement, anyway. The pair then decide split up and question the other agents on INSIGHT, though warns Sousa to keep a low profile, as he holds somewhat of a celebrity status among the agents. Coulson calls Simomns, who is at the Zephyr One, to update her on the current predicament, of Project INSIGHT, and the unknown whereabouts of Enoch, who the group cannot find. When Daisy and Sousa indicate they've gathered information, Coulson and May are ready, before running into Wilfred Malick, who stops him, to give his thanks, for attending the party. Coulson, provides an alias, though Malick indicates he's aware of the identities of Coulson and team, and remembers the previous encounter, forty-two years prior. He issues a warning to surrender, but Coulson counter his offer, for their freedom, when Daisy takes ahold of Nathaniel, Malick's son. Malick orders the Chronicoms to stand down, and Coulson and the team leave. As they do, Enoch arrives, as a getaway for the group, and the team return to the Zephyr One. Coulson briefs Mack on Project INSIGHT, which involves a launchpad at the lighthouse, Mack and Yo-Yo found, with the aim of the project, to target a list of S.H.I.E.L.D. assets, Sousa and Daisy found. As they plan for their course of action, the Zephyr One begins preparing for a time-jump, to their dismay, and the team find themselves, three years into the future, on July 4th, 1976, the day Project INSIGHT is set to launch. Mack prepares a role for everyone, in preventing INSIGHT from occurring, and Coulson and May are ordered to flood the base, so that they can shut down the launch, by blowing it up. The two dress in S.H.I.E.L.D. overalls, posing as agents working for the launch. They are able to head past the first two checkpoints, before cannot access further past. They find General Stoner walking a similar route to them, and Coulson divulges Project INSIGHT's real purpose, and the threat of the Chronicoms to him, in hopes he can help. As Stoner asks Coulson to further explain himself, May punches him, sensing he remained unconvinced of Coulson's extraterrestrial claims. They take his badge for further access in the building, and plant a bomb in the base, waiting for Mack's signal, before detonating. At the last moment, Mack aborts the mission, and as INSIGHT takes off, he destroys it, via the Zephyr One. As they plan to exit, they are surrounded by a group of armed agents.[6]

Adapt or Die.png

Coulson and May are placed into the custody of General Rick Stoner, who reprimands them. Coulson asserts, that he wouldn't have wanted INSIGHT to take off, but Stoner still remains skeptical, about Coulson's claims of time-travelling robots, and at the same moment, Stoner is alerted about Zephyr One's whereabouts. Coulson is confused to how the Zephyr One was located, seeing as it should be untraceable, and Stoner explains that they have advanced technology, given to them by Wilfred Malick, making Coulson fear for his team's safety. The base is then placed into lockdown, to Stoner's anger, and when Coulson tries to explain the Chronicoms are trying to divide and conquer the base, Stoner disregards him. When an agent tells Stoner the system is running on it's own, Coulson declares that anything computerized, has been taken over by the Chronicoms, but finds, it is too late, and missiles have already been sent towards the Zephyr One. Stoner has the two handcuffed and placed in custody, and Coulson informs Stoner the base just shot down a plane of good agents. Stoner tries to claim responsibility for the missile attack, but Coulson is aware he had no control, explaining the base has been taken over, just as he previously said. Coulson tries to further explain what Chronicoms are, and the dangers of them, but Stoner remains is disbelief. Agent King enters the room, and further chastises Coulson and May, for their involvement in the destruction of INSIGHT, and notifies Stoner, his presence is requested. Before he leaves, he asks the pair, if they paid Malick a visit, and when they confirm they did, because of his ties to HYDRA, Stoner tells them he is now dead. When Stoner leaves, May openly voices her concerns to Coulson, that Agent King is a Chronicom. She explains she felt a void of emotions, just as she does with Coulson, but he doesn't understand how, seeing as how Agent King showed emotion and personality. When May points out that Coulson can, he defends himself, pointing that he isn't like the other Chronicoms, and expresses his irritation at May's attitude towards him. The two argue about her lack of feeling towards him, and how Coulson would, in the past, turn to her for guidance. He expresses his frustration at being brought back, and May reveals she is tired of mourning him, following his many revivals, in an annoyed manner. Coulson points out she is finally showing emotion towards him, sarcastically wondering if she picked it up, from watching him, and he suddenly gains an epiphany, regarding the Chronicoms. He comes to a realization they're mimicking him and adapting. He breaks free of his handcuffs, and recalls his earlier experience with the Chronicom Luke, on the train. He comes to realize they've found a way to steal memories and personalities, and upload them into Chronicom bodies, to infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D.. Coulson frees May from her constraints, and they head towards Stoner, who they believe is the next victim of the Chronicoms. They're are able to locate Stoner, and manage to destroy the the Chronicoms, who were planning on killing him. Coulson frees the General, who declares he now believes them, and Coulson apologizes that he had to learn, this way. The two briefly explain the Chronicoms process, of how they replace agents with their own. Because they destroyed the Chronicoms device, they explain the Chronicoms can no longer steal identities, but they still face a dilemma, seeing as how they're still trapped. May suggests meeting up with Mack, but Coulson finds an underground hole, which he believes, was the source of the Chronicoms infiltration, and proceeds to explore it without them. He takes explosives with him, finding himself at the center of the base, and comes across a glowing pod. He places his arms in the two holders, and has is, transported to a virtual white room, where he comes across a Chronicom. Coulson questions his whereabouts, and she answers, that his mind is in a virtual space, while his physical form is surrounded by Chronicoms Hunters, in their ship. She introduces herself as Sibyl, a Predictor Chronicom and divulges what her powers entail of. When Coulson comments that she is unlike any Chronicom, he has ever met, Sibyl returns the sentiment. Coulson dismisses her claims, and Sibyl clarifies he isn't a person, and questions his existence. When Coulson finds that she'll answer everything he asks, Sibyl states she sees no reason not to. Coulsons asks for the whereabouts of Daisy, and Sibyl discloses that she was abducted by Nathaniel Malick, who wants to take her power. She estimates his chance of success, at 22%, and Daisy's survival, at 86%. Coulson then proceeds to ask, what they want with Mack's parents, to which she replies, Mack, which Coulson concludes, is a ploy, to get to the rest of the team, so they can obtain Earth, but Sibyl states, he already knows the answer. When asking why she wants Earth, she responds that she wants to ensure the survival of her species. Coulson sarcastically states they should speak more often, seeing as how much they have in common, though Sibyl points out that neither one of them are actually speaking. Coulson then proceeds to ask his final question; why the Chronicoms's survival is more important than the humans. Sibyl asks for clarity, and Coulson rephrases his question, asking what the difference between a Chronicom and a human is. Sibyl states, that time is the main factor, and humans act irrationally to prevent themselves or others from experiencing death, unlike Chronicoms, who cannot die. She then calls on him to ask himself, what category he himself, falls into. Sibyl believes, that because the Chronicoms will live long after the humans die, should they obtain a planet, the humans will give up, or run out of time, reiterating its importance. Coulson disregards Sibyl's views and declares three things she was wrong about: sacrifice, which is all the more meaningful, because their time is limited, how they will never give up, and her views on Coulson. He affirms, he is no longer afraid of death, which he cites, as his "superpower", before leaving the virtual space. Coulson contacts May, hoping she is right, about what what he is about to do, then proceeds to blow up the spaceship, destroying the fleet of Chronicoms, and sacrificing himself.[7]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x07 - The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and the D - Coulson and Deke.jpg

Following the explosion, Coulson's physical body is disintegrated, and his consciousness is transferred into a hard drive, obtained by Deke. Deke and Mack leave the Zephyr One, and are left behind in 1982, when the Zephyr One unexpectedly takes off, with Deke still in possession of the hard drive. In the course of the next twenty months, Deke finds a way to communicate with Coulson, by fashioning a device, which can project Coulson's image, onto a television screen. With Coulson's permission, Deke recruits new S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, (compromised of Roxy Glass, Tommy Chang, Ronnie Chang, Pachinko and Cricket, who is just a drummer), who also play in a band, The Deke Squad, as a cover. Mack returns to the S.H.I.E.L.D. base after spending time in isolation, and is greeted by Coulson. He informs him that Sibyl is still at large, and of her capabilities in predicting the future, through the an object called the Time Stream. He learnt that she found a way to slip into the local power supply, and escaped destruction, much like he did. Coulson reports that he was monitoring the power grid, to look for any power surges, and in every case, found files of the Chronicom language, indicating her presence, and believes that Sibyl is creating new hunters. Coulson later offers his sympathies to Mack, noting the difficulties he's faced the past year. Mack reciprocates the feeling, and Coulson shares that it's been better, since Cricket stopped playing home videos in his VCR slot. He also mentions the hardest part has been, being separated from the team, noting that Mack must miss Yo-Yo. Mack replies that he is grateful, that Yo-Yo can't see his current state, and Coulson advises him, to maintain his friendships, which are important, especially through hardships, offering him the chance to move into the base, with everyone else. The team go onto begin a training exercise, when an oblivious Cricket walks in, assuming they're shooting a video, and Coulson remarks that Deke needs to fire him. Later on that evening, Sibyl and her army of robots, invade the base, in attempt to kill off the agents. The group arrange a meeting to discuss their battle plan, but are unsure of where the robots are headed. Coulson discusses how Sibyl's plan of attack doesn't make sense, and comes to the conclusion that she attacked the base directly, because she can't predict the future, and that the Time Stream is located, somewhere in the building. The team manage to destroy the robots, clearing the base, and eventually, the Zephyr One returns to collect them. Coulson, in his new form, Mack and Deke, reunite with the rest of their S.H.I.E.L.D. team, and May remarks how good it is to see Coulson, much to his surprise. May mentions that Simmons gave specific orders to find Coulson's hard drive, which she saw as their most important asset - something May also agreed with. When Coulson asks May if Simmons mentioned anything about creating a new body for him, May tells him, he has to wait and see.[8]

Coulson is rebooted on Mack's orders, halfway through the construction of his new body. He awakens on an operating table, while his legs are being formed, and remarks, why his team couldn't have waited, until he was completed. The team are in need of Coulson's guidance, and Mack briefs him, that the time drive is malfunctioning, and a botched attempt at fixing it, could further damage the timeline. Upon Zephyr One's increasingly rapid time-jumps, Simmons notifies Coulson that they're working as fast as they can, while May and Yo-Yo are on a mission to restore Yo-Yo's powers. Simmons leaves, and an injured Daisy comments how neither of them are in the best shape. Coulson recalls to her, how he was thirsty for over, after his body was destroyed, with no means of quenching his thirst, and proceeds to drink a glass of water. He mentions he's happy to see Daisy healing, and wonders out loud how many ones and zeroes it would take for him to achieve the same feeling. Daisy informs Coulson that Sousa managed to pull her out of the wreckage and get her home, and reflects how glad she is that he's onboard with them, and Coulson marks how her feelings on Sousa, make him happy too. Coulson's body is eventually restored, and the team await for May and Yo-Yo to return. The pair return to the ship, and Yo-Yo fixes the drive, though it is only temporary. Simmons informs Coulson that his body has not fully charged, and needs powering down for a few hours. Discontent with his situation, Coulson takes the power button, so he has some control, and powers himself down, as his android body begins charging.[9]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x09 - As I Have Always Been - Watching Simmons.jpg

Following Coulson's deactivation, the Zephyr One finds itself in close proximity of a time storm. That, along with the malfunctioning time drive, causes a loop, so that time keeps repeating itself, after a certain amount of minutes, with every passing loop, drawing the passengers abroad, closer to the storm. Daisy, who begins the time loop, in a sleeping chamber, finds herself to be the only one, remembering the time loops. She activates Coulson, who also retains his memories, due to being powered down, when the time loop takes place, and together, they try to find a way to fix the time drive. They make several attempts, but find that time resets, before the can successfully figure out a plan. When Daisy is killed, her memories of the previous events of the time loop, are erased, leading to her relearning the time loop all over again, and eventually, reactivating Coulson. After Daisy's fourteenth death, she reactivates Coulson, who is annoyed that he has to brief her again, following the eighty-seven time loops he has experienced. As a new time loop begins, Coulson asks her to reactivate him straight away, when she wakes from her pod. Over the course of multiple loops, Daisy goes to reactivate Coulson, and he explains that with every loop, they get closer, to the storm, meaning they have a finite time, before the Zephyr One crashes into the vortex, dooming them all. When Daisy informs the crew of the time loop, Coulson overhears Deke and Simmons talking about an implant within her mind, blocking her memory, which may hold the key to fixing the time drive. Coulson demands an explanation as to why it was placed there, and Simmons reveals that it was put in place, to prevent the Chronicoms from gathering any more information from her mind. With Daisy's help, they convince her to remove it, but as she is in the process, Coulson witnesses Jemma suffocate and die, in the chamber which is locked. In the next time loop, they reach the same point, but this time, with Daisy removing the implant. They proceed to do so, but before the extraction can be completed, both Daisy and Jemma suffocate and die, revealed to be from a gas leak, as reported by Enoch, who finds a tear, in the pipes. With Daisy now dead, her memory of the past loops are erased, and it takes multiple time loops, for her to return and reactivate Coulson, who is forced to debrief her, yet again. Enoch stated that the gas leak was likely caused by someone, and the pair try to figure who would kill, in order to prevent Simmons from removing her chip. They interrogate Enoch, Deke and Simmons, who were all present, during the removal of the implant, and Jemma leaves to remove her implant, once again. Coulson updates Mack and May on the events that have transpired, and tries to theorize why someone would have Simmons and Daisy killed. Mack suggests using Yo-Yo as a solution, by using her speed to remove the implant, before she can be stopped. By the next loop, Coulson travels to the Quinjet, where Yo-Yo has been trapped for all the loops, and notifies her on their current predicament, as he attempts to free her. By the time he is finished, breaking through the barrier separating them, a new time loop is activated, undoing all of his work. Coulson is once again reactivated, and expresses his anger to Daisy, wondering why she doesn't feel the same way. He quickly apologizes, and explains he's struggled, watching her death, and finds it soul-crushing, before contemplating if he even has one. Daisy tries to assure him that he does, but Coulson argues back that there's no certainty, as he isn't who he once was. He expresses his helplessness, being trapped in the time loop, watching his friends die, helpless to stop them, and points out how it feels like a metaphor for his life, knowing he will watch them eventually die, as he will outlive them. As he fixates on his android body, and programming, he comes to the conclusion that Enoch is responsible for their deaths. He and Daisy confront him, while he is alongside Jemma, and Coulson explains that Enoch was programmed to protect the implant, without his knowledge, by Jemma, who also doesn't remember, due to the implant blocking her memories. While Enoch protests his innocence, Coulson suggests that he was unknowingly programmed to protect the implant at all costs. They test this theory by having Daisy attempt to remove the implant in front of them, and as she does so, Enoch forcibly has his grip around Daisy's neck, against his will. As Coulson witnesses Daisy blast Enoch back, the time loop begins again, and Coulson returns to his charging pod. With their new found knowledge, Coulson decides to have the implant extracted from Simmons, without Enoch's knowledge. They attempt to carry this plan out, but Enoch walks in, and throws Daisy against the wall, and a new loop begins. In their next attempt, Coulson has Sousa distract Enoch, while he and Daisy carry out the task, but find that inevitably, Enoch always catches them. They try to execute their plan, several different ways, but fall, by Enoch's hands, every time. Following an encounter with Sousa, Daisy informs Coulson of a new plan, in which they'll have Enoch believe Sousa will remove the implant, while in actuality, she will do so, and the rest of the team, can delay Enoch. They put this plan into motion, but before they can successfully execute it, time is close to resetting itself. Before it does, Coulson tells Daisy to execute the same plan, just faster. Coulson, Daisy and Deke manage to successfully remove Jemma's implant, and she reveals that Enoch himself is they key to saving them, as he is built with an electrochron displacement mechanism, which can fix the time drive, but would also result in his demise. Following the revelation, more memories begin returning to Simmons, and Coulson watches as she becomes overwhelmed with emotion, until time resets again. Now with the answer on how to save themselves, Coulson is reactivated by Daisy, who has summoned the team together, and informs them about their situation, and Enoch's device. As the team debates whether or not they should go ahead with the plan, Enoch makes the decision for himself, and removes his mechanism, so that the time drive can be fixed. Jemma and Deke leave to fix the drive, leaving Coulson and Daisy alone with Enoch. As he falls to the ground, the pair stay by his side, in his final moments. Enoch expresses his discomfort and the loneliness he will feel, following his demise, and Coulson consoles him, by telling him that despite his feelings of loneliness, it will be temporary, while less so, of those left behind. Enoch agrees with his sentiment, and apologizes to Coulson. Daisy vows to continue their mission, and informs him they will survive, because of his sacrifice. Enoch thanks her, but reveals that he has seen the future, and while her friends will survive, the team won't. He advises them to carry on the mission and cherish it, as it will be their last together. In Enoch's dying moments, he reflects on life and death, and his friendships with the team, before passing away.[10]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x10 - Stolen - Photography - Gordon, Coulson and Mack.jpg

Coulson and his team head to the Lighthouse, and reunite with Roxy Glass. She gives them access to all the resources, and he congratulates her on getting into the academy. Roxy thanks him, and mentions that the rest of The Deke Squad signed up to, and hopes to reunite with them at the Triskelion, after they graduate. After she leaves, Coulson notes to the team that the Triskelion wasn't in use in 1983, and is ahead of schedule, just as Project INSIGHT was. Coulson deduces the timeline coming apart, and their new mission is to repair it, and honor their promise to Jiaying, and protect her from Nathaniel Malick. The team decide on stopping him, and taking back control of Afterlife, starting by saving the Inhuman hostages, and protecting her. Daisy voices her concerns, about bringing her mother to the ship, but Coulson assures her, they can minimize what they tell her. At that moment, Gordon and Jiaying arrive, and inform the team they're being hunted. She tells them she needs protection, and accuses them of leading Nathaniel to Afterlife, leaving her people in danger. Coulson volunteers to go to and rescue the Inhumans, and and Gordon offers to take him. Jiaying tries to join the two, but Coulson convinces her that she needs to be kept alive for her people. Before they leave, she begs him, to rescue her daughter, Kora. The Quinjet arrives in Nepal, and Mack orders them to find the prisoners and return, and if they don't hear from them in thirty minutes, they will join them. Gordon takes ahold of Coulson, and the pair are teleported to the inside of Afterlife. As they head north, Gordon is shot in the back by Nathaniel, who has his men surround Coulson. He gives up his gun, and concludes that Nathaniel already knew they coming, because he has possession of the time stream. Coulson tries to convince Nathaniel that Sibyl holds an ulterior motive, of world domination, and the path he's taking is wrong, using his father as an example, but Nathaniel holds Coulson's team responsible, and declares HYDRA to be a broken institution, that trapped his father, and dismisses it, so he can spread anarchy. Coulson is escorted to a room, where he finds an unconscious Gordon, connected to a medical device, as his powers are replicated into another man, next to him, also connected. Coulson implores for them to free him, but Kora insists that she gave him a chance to join them, and he refused. Coulson introduces himself to Kora, who is already aware of his identity. The other man, reveals himself as a younger John Garrett. Then, the machine Gordon and Garrett are connected to is activated, transferring Gordon's blood, and fluids, into him. Coulson pleads with Kora, sighting Nathaniel's so-called anarchy as evil, but she stands her ground. Gordon's powers are successfully transferred to Garrett, and Coulson warns her of their action, as he helplessly watches Nathaniel and Garrett take off. Coulson is left handcuffed in the room, and Gordon begins to regain consciousness. He informs him the room was built to hold powerful Inhumans, and uses the his remaining energy, to teleport the two outside, sacrificing himself in the process. Mack and Yo-Yo join Coulson, and he is assigned to find Kora, while they rescue the Inhuman hostages. He manages to track her down, and holds at her gunpoint, informing her that her team have abandoned her. Kora insists she wants to go with Coulson, after learning about her sister, from Sibyl, and Coulson shoots her in the stomach with a tranquilizer, knocking her out. He frees the Inhumans, dropping them at a hospital, and returns with Kora, to the Lighthouse.[11][12]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 7x11 - Brand New Day - Photography - Mack, Kora and Coulson.jpg

Coulson brings Kora and two of Nathaniel's men into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and reports on the Inhuman hostages. When Daisy comes face to face with her sister, Coulson witnesses as she she quakes Kora against a wall, and demands answers on Simmons whereabouts. Kora claims she wants to save lives, and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.. She asserts herself as the perfect candidate with the "perfect instrument". Coulson questions what she means by "instrument", and she reveals she has knowledge of the history, yet to be written, which has already saved lives, including her own, Sousa's and Nathaniel's men. When Mack points out lives have also been taken, she uses this as proof, and Coulson realizes she is referring to proof they're in a new timeline, and the original one they were fighting to preserve is gone. She suggests allowing S.H.I.E.L.D. make the universe the best it can be, by killing, and questions whether she should recall all the people they've killed to protect others. Coulson tells her there's no need, and they've all made hard choices. She then proceeds to offer a list of thirty names they can kill, to save thousands of lives and Coulson points out, her plan sounds just like Project INSIGHT. Daisy locks Kora in a cell, and later, Coulson and May discover that she's taken off, with Sousa and Mack, on the Quinjet, to rescue Simmons and Deke. While May isn't confident in their actions, Coulson feels different, citing their unexpected actions, as giving them a better chance in beating Sibyl. He proceeds to asks about Kora, and May tells him, she felt her sincerity, and Coulson suggests she approach her. Their encounter doesn't go well, and May reports that Kora took out the Lighthouse's power with her powers, lowering their firewalls and leaving them vulnerable. At that moment, the Chronicom language appears on a monitor, and translates to the message, "HELLO COULSON". Sibyl who managed to break through their defense, is responsible for communicating with them, and Coulson realizes, that's why Kora left with them. While they're wary, they take satisfaction, in knowing she's only code, recalling how he felt, when he was, and asks if she's hungry. She replies that she knows only hunger now, and Coulson remarks on her statement being creepy. She threatens to kill them, following the murder of her hunters, but the rest of the code that appears on screen, is in the Chronicom language. May suggests he translate it, based on his previous experience as code, but Coulson isn't too sure. The power return to the base, and while May goes to check, Coulson begins to translate parts of her coding, and deciphers that she's looking for come form of communication files. Knowledge of Sibyl's coding, emerges within him, and he tries to slow her down, but the only person who can purge her from the power is Kora. They need to convince hear, to take Sibyl out, and May suggests he talk to her, but Coulson is unable to, as he is busy with slowing Sibyl down, and passes the responsibility to her. May protests, arguing, how their encounter went last time, but Coulson states it was because she was trying to get a rise from her, to establish how dangerous she could be, and that she needs to see the goodness within her, like she did with Yo-Yo, Daisy and himself. Yo-Yo appears to notify Coulson and May that locks have been breached, but Kora leaves her cell, before she can finish her sentence. Yo-Yo takes ahold of one the prisoners, Durant, and Kora comments on how S.H.I.E.L.D. killed him once. Yo-Yo argues back, that he tries to slit her throat, and Durant's only defense is he was simply following orders. Coulson draws attention to how the lives they are saving, is those of hitmen and not heroes, who owe their lives to Nathaniel, including herself. He requests she stop Nathaniel and the others from spreading chaos, due to their tampering with the timeline, that they need to restore. Kora in response, kills Durant and the other prisoner, in the name of Coulson's mission, and offers to kill Sousa, unless they start eliminating names from her list. Coulson refuses, but Yo-Yo takes her offer into consideration. Kora reveals one of the names, to be Grant Ward, but Coulson asserts right now, he is only a child. Kora responds, by reminding them of all the lives they could save, including those in their inner circle. Coulson asks whether Garrett is also on the list, as he made Ward a threat, and when Kora tries to claim without Garrett, Ward would be worst, he recalls how Ward was good in the Framework, and firmly believes people can change, including her. Coulson's sentiment, reminds Kora of her mother, and May escorts her to Jiaying's corpse, but, Kora soon escapes with Garrett. Coulson continues working on the computer and manages to locate the last thing Sibyl accessed. He finds a map, locating all the S.H.I.E.L.D. bases, and realizes, Nathaniel and his crew took the Zephyr One in space, so he could communicate with all the Chronicoms, and give them targets. Coulson manages to make contact with the Hub, but before he can warn them, communication breaks down. The monitor then showcases all S.H.I.E.L.D. bases, losing their communication, as the Chronicoms destroy them all.[12]


Hey, guys.
―Coulson greeting the team[src]
I died. I died and I came back. Not me. I died and we said goodbye, and I came back. I died again and came back.
―Coulson, regaining his memories[src]
Dad jokes. It's a glitch. Sorry
―Coulson to Daisy[src]
How does it make you feel, when I say the word, moist? Moist. Moist.
―Coulson during an interrogation[src]
I haven't been afraid of death in a long time. Dying's kinda my superpower
―Coulson to Sibil





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