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Philip Wittebane is a character who appears in the Disney Channel animated series, The Owl House. He was the first human to live on The Boiling Isles before Luz and the creator of the portal between the human and demon realm.


Philip first arrived on the Isles somewhere around the 1600s and lived among the witches, until he mysteriously disappeared. During his time on the Isles, he endeavored to learn how to master the magic of the isles in the hopes of finding a way to return to the human realm. This would eventually lead up to him creating the portal door, (which would end up in Eda's possession several years later) combinding human tech and magic based components. In five years time he discovered the key ingredient for his portal. A rare substance known as Titan's Blood, which can cause breaches between realms. Philip journeyed back to Eclipse Lake, which was where Titan's Blood was found and how he came to the Isles. His search was successful and treacharous. He lost his companions after coming across Fool's Blood.

He kept a record of his life on the isles and his quest to find a way home in a diary, which he donated to the Bonesborough Public Library before he disappeared.

When Jacob Hopkins reveals his research of demons and witches in "Yesterday's Lie", he reveals two brothers went missing during the 1600s, and this was blamed on witchcraft. While both of the men’s faces were obscured, one of them resembled Philip Wittebane’s silhouette. It is most likely Philip was one of these brothers. There is also a statue of what appears to be Philip beside his brother in the town of Gravesfield, indicating that the two might have founded it or are somehow important to the town's history. As their disappearance would surly have left a mark during the early days of Gravesfield.

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