Captain Phillip Hoffman (also known as Phillip the Nutcracker) is the title character and male protagonist of the movie The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, played by Jayden Fowora-Knight. He is based on the Nutcracker from the story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffman and the ballet by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.


He is a nutcracker (the only one in all the Realms), brought to life by a combination of magic and science, who swears to protect the rightful ruler of the Realms who, as it turns out, is Clara Stahlbaum, whose mother was the queen and creator of the Three Realms.

When the Sugar Plum Fairy reveals her scheme to conquer the Four Realms, Philip aids Clara on her quest to stop the Sugar Plum Fairy.


Phillip is kind, wise, brave, loyal, helpful, and selfless. He is a skilled swordsman and has a brilliant scientific mind. He shows great loyalty and faithfulness to both Clara and the Realms, giving the former pep talks and encouraging her to keep going when she doubts her abilities. In addition to this, he does his best to help and protect her, even going so far as to try to enter a tunnel made by the Mouserinks to rescue Clara.


The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

As Clara Stahlbaum arrives at the Christmas Tree Forest, Phillip wakes up and gazes upon Clara who is planning to cross the bridge, to which Phillip warns him that crossing the Fourth Realm is forbidden under forest orders of the regents. Phillip explains to Clara that the area she is at is the Christmas Tree Forest and the area behind her is the Fourth Realm which is currently at war with the other three realms. Clara asks him to know if she can cross the bridge leading to the Fourth Realm, to which Phillip agrees and introduces himself to her just as he allows Clara to cross the bridge leading to the Fourth Realm. Clara, Phillip, and his horse Jingles cross the bridge leading to the Fourth Realm.

While arriving at the Fourth Realm, Phillip and Clara are talking to each other to find the key required to open Marie's last gift, to which the Mouse King and some mice overhear the conversation and upon spying on the couple, Phillip warns that the Mouse King must be approached with extreme caution. Later, when Phillip notices the Mouse King who transformed into a giant creature made out of thousands of mice and as he rescues Clara, Phillip explains that the giant creature pursuing the two is the Mouse King. Later upon seeing Mother Ginger telling Clara to get the key from her, Phillip escapes with her and explains that Mother Ginger has a dislike on intruders just as the owl follows the couple to the Palace of the Four Realms. Upon arriving, the couple encounters Cavalier and Harlequin who notice that Phillip has arrived. Before the two can allow them to enter the palace, the two ask Clara questions to know if she is involved with the Mouse King or not to which after answering the questions, Cavalier and Harlequin allow them to enter.

Arriving at the Palace, Phillip arrives at the conversation between the regents Hawthorne, Shiver, and Sugar Plum explains to them that he and Clara barely escaped Mother Ginger to which the Regents are horrified of what Clara did because according to the Regents, access to the Land of Amusements is forbidden by law of the Regents. Phillip is later present attending the pageant of Clara, followed by Clara watching the ballet telling the story of the Four Realms.

Phillip later follows Sugar Plum taking Clara her to the Engine Room as Sugar Plum explains that Clara's mother made a large object known as the Engine that is able to bring toys to life. As Clara plans on finding the key for Marie's gift, Phillip refuses as the key is linked to Mother Ginger and the Mouse King who are banished to the Fourth Realm. The next day, Phillip joins alongside Clara wearing a nutcracker soldier outfit in a plan to go to the Fourth Realm and fight against Mother Ginger. However, he notices Clara being dragged by the Mouse King's minions to Mother Ginger's lair. Planning to face Mother Ginger, Phillip encounters a group of Polichinelles who end up surrounding him to which after finding the key and escaping from the clowns, Phillip and Clara escape from Mother Ginger just as Mouserinks, the Mouse King, is sent to the Palace. As Clara successfully opens her mother's last gift, she explains that the gift is a music box, explaining that she was as lost as she arrived there. When Clara plans to return home, Phillip explains that the Realms need protection from Clara and also explains that she followed Clara with confidence and determination to the Fourth Realm. Seeing the Palace of the Four Realms, Phillip and Clara decide to return to the Palace and return the key to Sugar Plum at the Engine Room. However, it is found out that Sugar Plum betrayed the Four Realms, especially Mother Ginger, due to her plan to bring an army of tin soldiers to destroy the Fourth Realm. To her tyranny, Sugar Plum sends her guards to take Phillip and Clara away.

Locked at the observatory, Phillip explains that there is no way to escape, much to Sugar Plum's betrayal. Looking at Hawthorne and Shiver locked up at the observatory, it is revealed that Sugar Plum has betrayed the Four Realms by sending an army of tin soldiers to destroy the Four Realms. With teamwork and courage to escape the observatory, Phillip and Clara look at Sugar Plum and an army of soldiers marching off to battle just as the Mouse King approaches them and escorts them to a place where no tin soldier can find them. Furthermore, the Mouse King devises a plan to enter the Engine Room and free the Four Realms from Sugar Plum's tyranny. Planning to warn Mother Ginger about Sugar Plum's tyrannical plans, Phillip arrives at the Fourth Realm to ask Mother Ginger about Sugar Plum and her army of tin soldiers. Just as Phillip meets Mother Ginger, she devises a plan to fight against Sugar Plum and end her tyranny. During battle, Phillip fights against the tin soldiers preparing to destroy the Fourth Realm noticing the soldiers approaching, he summons the Mouse King to help him defeat the soldiers.

After Sugar Plum is transformed into a porcelain via Engine, all the tin soldiers fighting against Phillip return to their lifeless toy forms just as he and the Mouse King and his army of mice celebrate their victory as the Four Realms are saved once again. Back at the Four Realms, Mother Ginger sends Phillip to escort Clara back to the Christmas Tree Forest and return to his new post as the captain of the guard just as Phillip is accompanied by the Mouse King as his new friend. Returning to the spot where Clara once entered, Phillip and Clara encounter Cavalier and Harlequin in Phillip's post just before Phillip tells Clara to return back to the Four Realms someday just as she allows her to leave.


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  • Philip's last name Hoffmann, comes from the author of the original story E.T.A. Hoffmann
  • In the story the film is based on, the Nutcracker is the love interest. In this film, he is not.

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