"Photo Op" is the first segment of the sixth episode of Big City Greens.


Bill takes his family to a photo studio, but Cricket and Gramma refuse. Meanwhile, Tilly takes Bill's term for lying out of context.


The Greens head to the mall with Bill promising to take everyone to the food court. However, this turns out to be a ruse and instead they go to Photorific to get a family photo taken. While Cricket, Tilly and Gramma Alice view this as a simple stop, Bill breaks the news that he never intended for them to head to the food court because he does not have money. Tilly feels betrayed as Bill lied, but he tells her that it is okay to lie if you surprise them. As Bill tries to explain that he wants a good family photo to have a happy moment together, Cricket and Alice steal his wallet and flee. Tilly promises Bill that she will stay put, but "surprises" him by running away, too.

While Cricket and Alice outrun Bill by tripping him up and hiding, Tilly sikes a shoe salesman and then commandeers a daycare train from a eager worker for her own amusement. Bill manages to find Cricket and Alice in a clothing store, but Cricket escapes while Alice "sacrifces" herself by landing on a soft mattress. Cricket meets up with Tilly and they try to beat Bill to the food court, but he grabs onto a decorative banner and swings around just in time to stop Cricket and Tilly and drags them back to Photorific.

They finally get their photos taken, but when Bill sees the final product, he realizes that his family looks miserable and that he would rather that they be happy than look happy. Now wanting to make Bill happy, Tilly gets a refund on her shake by claiming that there was a hair in it and they decide to use it on a photo booth instead. After settling in, the Greens finally get a good photo of them all being happy.



  • This episode depicts one of the few times, Bill exercised his authority.
  • Producer Rob Renzetti has a cameo appearance as the photo editor whose name is also Rob.
  • Benny is shown to be rather troublesome to his own mother in this episode.
  • When Tilly imagines the food court to be a literal food "court", the logo Food Court pops up designed to look like the logo for the crime show Law & Order.
  • Clothington Clothes Factory resembles the real life Burlington Coats Factory.

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