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Pick a Villain!: Badical Battles is the second Pick Your Own Adventure-style Kim Possible book.


She can do anything-and you can help her! Badical Battles! (Pick a Villain Chapter Book #2): Featuring four original mini-adventures, Badical Battles! asks you to pick which evil villain Kim will face. No big, huh? Well, we're not done yet! Next, you must choose how to help Kim, Ron, and Rufus defeat their evil schemes and save the world. How about it? Are you ready to face Monkey Fist's monkey kung fu? Or are the super-fast fem-bot Killer Bebes more your speed? Can you put a stop to the latest take-over-the-world scheme of Señor Senior Sr.? If not, then look out for the evil Gemini's fully-loaded fingers and his high-strung Chihuahua. It's a Kim Possible adventure like you've never seen it before-and one you'll never forget!

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