Pigs Is Pigs is an animated Disney short that was originally released theatrically on May 21, 1954. It is based on a short story of the same name by Ellis Parker Butler that was first published in 1905.


Flannery is a station master who does everything by the book. One day, a package arrives at the station for Mr. McMorehouse. It contains two guinea pigs. Flannery assumes by their name that the animals are pigs and asks McMorehouse to pay 48 cents, the charge for sending pigs by rail, for their delivery. McMorehouse refuses to pay that price. He insists that guinea pigs are not pigs and that the lower rate of 44 cents for delivering pets applies. Flannery decides to write to the head office and ask if guinea pigs are pigs or pets. While waiting for an answer, the guinea pigs begin to multiply. After a few days, the station is literally full of them. Flannery finally realizes the animals are pets, not pigs. He goes to McMorehouse's home to deliver them but finds that McMorehouse has moved. Flannery decides to send all the guinea pigs to the head office. Having learned his lesson, Flannery says, "If the animals come in singles or if they come in sets, if they've got four feet and they're alive, they'll be classified as pets!"

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  • Donald's Quack Attack, episode #36.

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