Pinball Mickey is a Mickey Mouse Works short, featured in the House of Mouse episode "Pete's One-Man Show".


Mickey is waiting for Minnie at the soda shop, but he then gets distracted by a pirate peg leg Pete-themed pinball machine for hours. And as he plays the game, Mickey gets so into the game he believes it is real and Pete has captured Minnie and Mickey has to save her. After he is done playing the game, it offers him a free game but he destroys the machine and has a great date with Minnie.



  • This episode has some similarities to Runaway Brain a short that also involves Mickey neglecting Minnie due to a video game and having to deal with a Pete look-a-like.
  • During the fantasy sequence of Mickey fighting the pirate resembling Pete, the soundtrack plays a techno-based remix of the "Major-General's Song" from The Pirates of Penzance.


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