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This article is about the pirates from Peter Pan. For other pirates, see Pirate Crew (disambiguation).

Mr. Smee, pipe up the crew!
Captain Hook[src]

The Pirate Crew are Captain Hook's henchmen in the 1953 Disney animated feature film Peter Pan.


Mr. Smee is Captain Hook's loyal first mate, though his bumbling behavior often prevents him from being much help. Contrast to his megalomaniacal captain, Smee is soft-spoken and genial. He nevertheless enjoys piracy, and longs to abandon Neverland in favor of returning to a life of plunder along the seven seas.

Turk a member of Captain Hook's pirate crew, this fat mustachioed pirate carrying a razor-sharp sabre was (at some point after 2001) transported to Wasteland, where he served under the Animatronic Hook. When most of the Tortooga Pirates were taken over by the Pirate Conversion Machine and turned into monsters, Turk, along with several other pirates, escaped Tortooga and tried to make a new life for themselves in Ventureland, finally letting go of their thuggish ways. In Ventureland, Turk met the love of his life, Henrietta, which finished turning him around.

Black Murphy is a fearsome two-timing scoundrel. Murphy's weapon of choice is a dagger often clenched between his teeth. Murphy is among the members of Hook's crew who particularly resent being stuck in Neverland and wishes they'd return to ordinary plunder and pillage.

Mullins Mullins is as unpleasant and murderous a character as the rest of his shipmates.

Bill Jukes is older than most other crew members, but don't let his peg-leg and shortness fool you — he is far from the least dangerous pirate aboard.

Starkey is best-known for his habit of fighting with two blades at a time (a sword and a dagger). Fearsome in battle, Gentleman Starkey is however quite a superstitious man, and at least at first he was hesitant to fight the apparently-supernatural Peter Pan.

Wibbles is as unpleasant and murderous a character as the rest of his shipmates, known for using a sword and gun simultaneously.

Mr. Tattoo is a heavily tattooed man was taken by Hook as an example of his special offer of giving new crew-members a free tattoo when he was trying to entice the Darling children and the Lost Boys to join him.

Skylights was unusually philosophical about the pirate condition, conscious that it was a thrilling but often quite short kind of life. This he conveyed through endless discordant singing, which so got on the nerves of the Captain that Skylights' lyrics were prematurely validated by an annoyed Hook shooting Skylights stone-dead to stop the singing already.

124722 SHARKY
Sharky is nonetheless loyal to Captain Hook and eagerly obeys him to the best of his abilities. Much of Sharky's past hadn't been revealed until season four of the series, where it is revealed he is the last member of the Dark-Shark Clan a tribe of ninja like warriors task with guarding Never Land from a monstrous shark like creature known as the Shudder thought to be trying to destroy Never Land. It's currently unknown why Sharky despite his origin and background serves under Captain Hook.

124722 BONES
Bones is nonetheless loyal to Captain Hook and eagerly obeys him as best as he can. While he does have his moments when he prefers to play music over following Hook's command, as seen in the episode "Escape from Belch Mountain", when Hook entrusts the Jolly Roger to both Sharky and Bones, who quickly begin playing a catchy musical number once Hook is gone, which accidentally reveals Hook's plot to Jake and his crew, who over hear hiding near by. Bones is definitely considered the dimmest of Hook's crew, but over the course of the series, has rare moments of intelligence.


Peter Pan[]

The crew is first seen on their ship, the Jolly Roger, in Neverland, singing "A Pirate's Life (Is a Wonderful Life)". Although they served under Captain Hook, it is implied that they grew bored of him, because they spent their time in the aforementioned song throwing swords at a crudely drawn picture labeled "Captain" that was drawn on the cabin door. When Smee, the first mate, comes out of the cabin, he wishes them a good morning, but they grab him by the shirt and tell him that there's nothing good about the morning because they're stuck on Neverland. Wishing to give up the quest for Peter Pan, they bully Smee into trying to convince Captain Hook to leave Neverland. One of them is then shown in the rigging with an accordion, singing (rather badly) until an annoyed Captain Hook offhandedly shoots him with a flintlock pistol for interrupting his concentration.

Later on, when Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael return to Neverland, one of the crew spots them and Hook orders the crew to shoot the cannons at them. The crew tries to shoot at them, knowing that the sooner Peter dies, the sooner they all get to leave Neverland. Luckily, they manage to escape. Later on, after Captain Hook has an encounter with Peter Pan, he manages to capture his fairy friend, Tinker Bell and tricks her into telling him where his hideout, Hangman's Tree, is and then he locks her up in a lantern and takes the crew with him to Hangman's Tree with a bomb wrapped as a present for Peter from Wendy. When Hook, Smee, and the crew arrive there, they hear Wendy singing "Your Mother and Mine". Here, the crew, among with Smee, is shown to be visibly sad, implying that they lost their mothers at an early age and it was this that drove them to become pirates. When Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Boys come out to return home, they are captured by the crew, who take them back to the ship while Hook and Smee stay behind to put the bomb inside for Peter.

On the ship, the crew sings to the children about joining them or walking the plank. Wendy tells Captain Hook that they will never join them. They tie the boys up, take Wendy to the plank, and make her walk to the end and fell down to the sea. Captain Hook listen for the splash, but no sound comes. Unbeknownst to the crew, Peter saved Wendy just in time before she landed in the water, for he survived the bomb thanks to Tinker Bell going to his rescue upon escaping from the lantern upon learning of it. Still mad at his crew who were fearfully believed that the ship was bewitched, Captain Hook then throws one of them, Starkey, into the sea. He then learns that Peter is still alive. Then he and Peter start the sword fight. Peter released the boys to join the battle. Captain Hook orders his crew to get them. John tells the Lost Boys to fire the crew with their weapons, but the crew is ready to climb to the net to battle them. Tinker Bell gets Peter to tell him they are in trouble. Using his dagger, he flies to the net to cut the rope and the crew falls down to the rowboat with Smee and head to the sea. They're then rowing the boat away from Neverland while Captain Hook was swimming away by his nemesis, the crocodile.

Return to Never Land[]

Peterpan2-disneyscreencaps com-2156

Pirate Crew in Return to Neverland

In Return to Neverland, the crew still listens to Captain Hook and actually come with him to London to kidnap Wendy. However, they accidentally kidnap her daughter, Jane, (perhaps because they were not aware of the change of time since time has virtually stopped in Neverland). They follow Captain Hook's orders to the letter, as they join him in searching for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. They also join him in the search of his treasure chest and the fight against Jane and the Lost Boys. Near the end of the film, the crew (along with Captain Hook and Smee) is chased away by the octopus (who imagines them all to be different kinds of fish).

Jake and the Never Land Pirates[]

Main article: Sharky and Bones

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy[]

Several members of Captain Hook's pirate crew appear in this film as secondary characters. Given names and speaking parts, this movie is functionally a prequel for the pirates prior to the events of Peter Pan. Several members of the crew are recognizable, despite the switch to 3D animation, post-Return to Neverland. The only notable difference is the number of crewmates and their noticeable youth.

Aside from Tinker Bell herself, this is the first occurrence of Disney characters making the jump from 2-to-3-D animation. Following this, Ralph Breaks the Internet also incorporated previously 2-D characters.

Other appearances[]

In House of Mouse, the crew appears in a cameo with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. They sing "It's Our House Now" with the Disney villains in Mickey's House of Villains.

Live-action appearances[]

Once Upon a Time[]

The crew appears in the second season on the show, in flashbacks concerning Captain Hook. One is when he meets Milah, Rumplestiltskin's ex-wife loses his hand by facing the crocodile and the other is when he meets Baelfire at Neverland.

Peter Pan & Wendy[]

The crew appears in the 2023 reimagining of the classic film serving as supporting antagonists once again with Hook serving as their captain. Unlike in the original film where they sang "A Pirate's Life" and "The Elegant Captain Hook" respectively, they instead sang sea shanties which were created exclusively for the remake - namely "Behemooth" and "Ode to the Falling" respectively. Additionally, Bill Jukes and Skylight are the only two carried over from the animated film while Starkey is changed to Mrs. Starkey, a reimagined female version. Other credited pirates include Gurley, Sallyport, Old Clemson, Scrimshaw Sam, and Dirtbag Benny.

As Peter Pan and the children arrive at Neverland, a nearby crewman named Skylight reports to Captain Hook that Peter Pan has returned to Neverland and as Hook plans to attack, the crew started firing cannonballs at Peter, Tinker Bell, and the children of the Darling family, leading them to find a way to avoid getting hit by cannonballs. Hook then fires a cannonball on the edge of a rock formation where Peter and his friends are at while Hook uses his telescope to find any sign of Peter Pan in his sight. Suddenly, the pirates capture John and Michael where they bring Hook onboard their ship into his cabin where John tells Hook that he and Michael arrived at Neverland with Peter Pan, causing the pirates to react in shock that John said his name, as they plan to have them walk the plank.

As Hook sets sail for Skull Rock, the pirate crew sings a sea shanty, "Behemooth", as the crew arrives at Skull Rock in a plan for John and Michael to walk the plank. Soon as Hook brings in a rule of keeping children away from Neverland, one single pirate in disguise joins in the chanting where he is revealed to be none other than Peter Pan in disguise. Realizing that Peter Pan is performing tricks in front of Hook and Smee, Peter and Tinker Bell fight off the pirates in a plan to rescue John and Michael who are held captive by Hook and his crew, knocking the pirates into the water just before Peter engages in a duel with Hook in battle.

Suddenly as Hook threatens to kill Peter Pan in battle, Tick-Tock the Crocodile emerges from the water and starts attacking Hook. Soon as Tick-Tock attempts to eat him, several of Hook's pirates retreat while another pirate takes on the Crocodile to protect the Captain from being eaten which the Crocodile knocks him with his tail. Soon as the pirate that attacked the Crocodile is knocked into a wall, the Crocodile corners the pirate who struck him and eats him, just as Mr. Smee and the pirates retreat from the Crocodile. Tick-Tock then destroys the rowboat Hook and his crew were using just as Peter gets Wendy, Michael, John, and Tiger Lily out of the cave just as the Crocodile arrives on the rock where the group is at. Tick Tock then chases Hook and Smee out of the cavern, just as Hook, Smee, and the rest of the crew manage to escape from the Crocodile.

That night, the pirate crew follows alongside Captain Hook who is on his way to the Lost Children's Hideout in a plan to capture the children. Just as they arrive, they capture John, Michael, and the Lost Children, followed by Wendy being the next, resulting her to be held hostage. The pirate crew returns to the Jolly Roger with the rest of Hook's crew where they put Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Children in their cells; later, Captain Hook recaps to Wendy that before he became a pirate, he shares his story that Smee was the one who rescued him when he was lost at sea before Hook became a pirate captain just before Hook sends his crew to kill Wendy, John, Michael, and the Lost Children, much to Tinker Bell's worry.

The next day, the pirates are gathered to watch Wendy walk the plank as part of Hook's plans while Mr. Smee holds the lantern where Tinker Bell was trapped. Tinker Bell saves Wendy from falling into the ocean just as Hook, Smee, and the other pirates react to Tink who saved Wendy from falling into the ocean in shock. Later when Peter Pan returns to the ship to fight against Captain Hook, the other pirates take on Wendy, John, Michael, the Lost Children, Tiger Lily, and Tinker Bell in battle. As Wendy sees another pirate confronting John and Michael telling them to give him the helm, Wendy tells everyone to hang on while she steers the ship, causing the rest of the pirates to fall off the ship into the ocean, followed by Mr. Smee and Hook who also fall into the ocean.

At the end of the film, Hook and Smee are shown to have survived the battle against Peter and his friends as Hook smiles upon seeing Peter passing by with Tinker Bell returning.

Video games[]

Kingdom Hearts series[]

In Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Smee is on the boat in Ventus' story of the game and he calls out to the crew to fire cannonballs at Ventus and Peter. The part of the crew in Kingdom Hearts is played by numerous Heartless instead of the original characters, presumably having been disposed of once Hook joined Maleficent's alliance.

Epic Mickey[]

The crew's Wasteland counterparts once lived in Tortooga until Captain Hook was forcibly converted into a Beetleworx at Skull Island and many of them were captured and converted as well. Smee and a few others, including Damien Salt and Scurvy Pat, escaped to Venture Land and have been trying to settle in there.

Kinect: Disneyland Adventures[]

The crew is seen during the Peter Pan's Flight mini-game. They are first seen holding Cubby hostage in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of Peter Pan. When he and the player arrive, however, Captain Hook orders his crew to attack. They do so by blasting cannons at both Peter and the player. By reflecting the cannonballs, the player is able to defeat the crew and go after Captain Hook.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena[]

Turk/Damien Salt, named in-game as Jolly Roger Pirate or Jolly Roger Crew, appears as both a basic Oceanic Villain enemy and summonable teammate in Disney Sorcerer's Arena, Jolly Roger Pirates appear several times throughout the game's campaigns as enemies, having a Basic attack using his sabre, and two Special abilities: A muscle flex which grants a targeted teammate Offense Up and Crit Chance Up, and a jaunty dance which gives the Jolly Roger Pirate a Taunt, forcing opponents to target them. One of Smee's Special abilities, "All Hands on Deck!", has him summon a Jolly Roger Pirate onto his team, with the same Basic and Specials as before. Smee can summon multiple Jolly Roger Pirates throughout a match, and when playing in Club Conquest, can summon up to 3 Jolly Roger Pirates at once.


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  • Although the crew is implied to dislike Captain Hook's obsession to kill Peter Pan and their wish to leave Neverland to sail for treasure again in the original film, the sequel doesn't depict the crew complaining about Captain Hook's attempts to kill Peter and even enjoy aiding him on his plot to kidnap Peter and the Lost Boys despite still fearing Captain Hook, like with most Disney henchmen fearing their boss (except for the villagers and Gaston's four stooges, who show no fear to Gaston in the original Beauty and the Beast, but not in the live action remake). Thus, one can assume that after finding the treasure, the crew may have started to appreciate Captain Hook more than before and that maybe they grew to hate Peter over the years given his constant attacks on them. The pirates were mean to Smee also seem to get along better with him too.
    • Another possibility is that they may be loyal to Captain Hook because he took them under his wing to teach them how to be pirates and that maybe Hook promised them to return to loot ships once they got rid of Peter Pan. In the deleted song "I'll Give You One Guess" from the second film, Jukes mentions that he was just a kid when Hook took him in and showed him a sailor's life, and Turk and Starkey then follow saying that Peter evaded them for so long and that now that they will get rid of him they will sail out to rob and plunder. As the song was deleted, however, the canon status of these statements is up for debate.
  • Starkey, the crew member Captain Hook threw overboard, was his first mate in the original novel, while Smee was the boatswain. Interestingly, in the original novel, he and Smee were the only two pirates to survive.
  • The only pirate member names that were confirmed were Wibbles, Bill Jukes, Black Murphy, Mullins, Turk, Starkey, Skylights, and Damien Salt. It is unknown if all of the unnamed pirate crew members will have confirmed names from the play and/or novel.
  • Mullins and 4 unnamed pirates are the only pirates who have patches on their right eye.
  • It is unknown if Mullins's right eye was either damaged or not.
  • The only pirate that died was Skylights who died in any of the films, who played the accordion on top of Captain Hook's ship (much to the latter's annoyance that he shoots Skylights down). It is highly likely Hook has killed several other crew members for disobedience and and to scare his surviving men. In addition less pirates are seen in Return to Neverland thought their fate is unknown.
  • Jukes, the peglegged pirate in the Disney version, was described as a pirate with tattoos in the original novel. Also during the final battle in the play and novel, when he was given orders by Hook to fetch the cat o nine tails for the children, Jukes was either the first or second pirate to be killed by Peter.
  • It is revealed that there are various members part of Hook's crew as shown in scenes along with the others.
  • While the pirates tried to pursue John, Michael, and the lost boys, an unnamed one eye pink shirt pirate can be scene climbing along with Wibbles, Jukes, Turk, and the rest of the pirates (offscreen) and would later fall, along with all of the other pirates of the crew after Peter cuts the rope.
  • The rest of the crew does not appear in "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", which presumably took place after Peter Pan.
  • It could be implied that one eye pink shirt pirate is his twin brother since most of them look alike, both of them have a patch on their right eye.
  • Many of the pirates are likely descended from other foreign countries as presumed by some of their accents and mannerisms: Turk appears to be Indian, Arabian, or even Moroccan, Black Murphy seems to be French or Canadian, Skylights seems to be Italian, Wibbles seems to be Swedish, Mullins appears to be German, and Jukes seems to be Irish.
  • As shown in "Your Mother and Mine", it could be implied that some of the pirates in the crew (as well as Mr. Smee) lost their mothers at a young age and/or missed them so dearly.

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