The Pirate Ship is a ship that serves as a means of transportation for Kuala and his band of cutthroat pirates in Swiss Family Robinson. It is equipped with cannons used for firing at enemy ships and lifeboats for allowing them to sail to shore.

In the film

Kuala used his ship to chase the ship that was carrying a family of passengers called the Robinsons, who were on their way to find a new life in a new colony in New Guinea, into a storm one night. 2 days later, in the morning, Kuala's ship was mistaken for a friendly ship by Ernst Robinson that would help him and his family get off the island they were shipwrecked on 2 days ago. Luckily, Father was able to identify it quickly as the same pirate ship that chased them into the storm. Seeing as to how the family's ship was stuck on the rocks and still having some passengers, Kuala ordered his men to fire on them with their cannons until Father managed to scare them off with a quarantine flag despite Fritz and Ernst trying to load a cannon to fight back. A few weeks (or months) later, the pirate ship was seen with yet another one somewhere on the beach of the island the Robinson family had been staying. It was mentioned that the main ship was used to capture an English ship along with its captain and his granddaughter, Roberta, disguised as a cabin boy to fool the pirates, to be used for ransom. At night, after Roberta was saved by Fritz and Ernst, one of the pirate ships was used to sail off the island while carrying the English captain to take him back to England for ransom. A few days later, the pirates used their ship to return to the island to look for the "boy" for more ransom. In the end, after a fierce battle between the pirates and the Robinson family, cannons were heard. As it turns out, the cannons came from one of Captain Moreland's ships, having been ransomed, having returned to the island as well, and using his cannons to fire on the pirates and destroying the pirate ship in the process.


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