Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (also known as Salazar's Revenge) is an American swashbuckler action-adventure comedy film and the fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. It was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and stars Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow once again, and Jeff Nathanson wrote the screenplay.


Returns the iconical swashbuckling hero Captain Jack Sparrow who is down-on-his-luck finds the winds of ill-fortune blowing even more strongly when deadly ghost pirates led by his old nemesis, the terrifying Captain Salazar (Bardem), escape from the Devil's Triangle, determined to kill every pirate at sea…including him. Captain Jack's only hope of survival lies in seeking out the legendary Trident of Poseidon, a powerful artifact that bestows upon its possessor total control over the seas.[2]


  • Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Javier Bardem - Captain Salazar
  • Geoffrey Rush - Captain Hector Barbossa
  • Brenton Thwaites - Henry Turner
  • Kaya Scodelario - Carina Smyth
  • Kevin McNally - Joshamee Gibbs
  • Golshifteh Farahani - Shansa
  • David Wenham - Scarfield
  • Stephen Graham - Scrum
  • Angus Barnett - Mullroy
  • Martin Klebba - Marty
  • Adam Brown - Cremble
  • Giles New - Murtogg
  • Orlando Bloom - Will Turner
  • Keira Knightley - Elizabeth Swann
  • Paul McCartney - Uncle Jack
  • Derloy Atkinson - Pike
  • Danny Kirrane - Bollard
  • Juan Carlos Vellido - Lieutenant Lesaro
  • Rodney Afif - Officer Madga
  • Rupert Ranieri - Officer Santos
  • Stephen Lopez - Officer Moss
  • Nico Cortez - Spanish Officer
  • Malesh Jadu - Spanish Soldier
  • Bruce Spence - Mayor Dix
  • Justin Smith - Mr. Krill
  • John Leary - Mr. Swift
  • Anthony De La Torre - Young Jack Sparrow
  • Finn Ireland - Young Pirate Jeff
  • James Mackay - Maddox
  • Bryan Probets - Bowen
  • Will Ward - Pirate
  • Lewis McGowan - Young Henry Turner
  • Alexander Scheer - Young Teague Sparrow
  • Richard Piper - Captain Toms
  • Michael Dorman - First Officer Wade
  • Rohan Nichol - Officer Cole
  • Paul Armstrong - Old Pirate
  • Robert Morgan - Grimes
  • Andreas Sobik - Pirate Captain
  • Goran D. Kleut - Pirate with Broom
  • Scott Anderson - British Officer
  • Travis Jeffrey - British Soldier
  • Andrew Fraser - British Soldier
  • Akos Armont - British Soldier
  • Sean Lynch - British Soldier
  • Ben O'Toole - British Soldier
  • Dakota Askew - Young Monarch Soldier
  • Jamie Carter - Young Monarch Soldier
  • Joe Klocek - Young Monarch Soldier
  • Derani Scarr - Woman
  • Zoe Ventoura - Mayor's Wife
  • Lenny Firth - Fisherman
  • Akshay Caplash - Ghost Soldier
  • Jordan Fulleylove - Ghost Soldier
  • Mivon Prince Leyva - Ghost Soldier
  • Rafael Torrijos - Ghost Soldier
  • Pablo - Jack the Monkey
  • Chiquita - Jack the Monkey
  • James Fraser - Young Greenhorn
  • Ken Radley - Pig Kelly
  • Hannah Walters - Beatrice
  • Jonathan Elsom - Priest
  • K. Todd Freeman - Captain Morgan
  • Matthew Walker - Confessional Priest
  • Darcy Lury - Uncle Jack's Cellmate
  • James Lawson - Jail Guard


In October 2011, Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that they are working on a script. In an interview, Kevin McNally stated that a fall 2012 production start was possible. Because of the financial success of On Stranger Tides, the film's director Rob Marshall might return for this addition to the series. On July 6, 2011, Johnny Depp was reported to be close to a deal for the fifth film. Due to Depp's filming of The Lone Ranger (2011–2012) they would not be filming the fifth installment until 2014. Orlando Bloom said he would like to return for a fifth film if he was offered. In August 2012 news that Depp signed on officially for the fifth film had surfaced.

In November 2012 Sunset, the ship which played the Black Pearl and the Queen Anne's Revenge in the second, third, and the later in the fourth film was docked into Long Beach California from Oahu, Hawaii where On Stranger Tides was filmed, waiting for her call up. In January 2013 Disney announced that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 would be released on July 10, 2015.

In the fourth film the cast and crew were told by Disney not to occupy their time in the near future, as the studio intends to shoot a fifth and sixth film back-to-back. However, it has since been stated that only a fifth film is in the works. On January 14, 2011, it was confirmed that Terry Rossio will write the screenplay for the fifth installment, without his co-writer Ted Elliott. Johnny Depp said that he would be happy to return as Captain Jack Sparrow saying "As long as we can put all the puzzle pieces together, I would most definitely consider it." Jerry Bruckheimer said that the fifth film would be a stand-alone film. According to Terry Rossio, the script for the fifth film is finished, and he has handed the script to Disney executives. Speaking at the fourth film's press launch in Cannes, Depp said he would play the role for as long as it is popular with the public.

Disney has a wishlist of directors they would like to direct, as Rob Marshall has not yet accepted nor declined to direct. The list includes Tim Burton, Sam Raimi, Alfonso Cuaron, Shawn Levy, Chris Weitz, and original Pirates director Gore Verbinski. Verbinski and Burton are Disney's top choices as they have both worked with Disney and Johnny Depp on numerous occasions. On July 6, 2011, Johnny Depp was reported to be close to a deal for the fifth film. Due to Depp's filming of Lone Ranger (2011–12) they will not be filming the 5th installment until 2014. In August 2012, news surfaced that Johnny Depp signed on officially for the fifth film. On January 11, 2013, Jeff Nathanson has sign on to write the film. On May 9, 2013, reported that Fredrik Bond, Rupert Sanders, Joachim Rønning, and Espen Sandberg were all shortlisted for directing the movie. On May 29, 2013, it was announced that Rønning and Sandberg from Norway would be directing the film. Production is slated to begin in Fall 2014 for a 2016 release.

On August 22, 2013, it was revealed that the title of the fifth film would be Dead Men Tell No Tales, alluding to the line well-known from the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park attractions. On September 11, 2013, Disney pushed back the realesed date of Pirates 5 until 2016 for script and budget issusses and details for the film were rumored by Bleeding Cool, which includes a new female lead and troublemaker for Captain Sparrow who is suspected of witchcraft, which is a big part of the film, but she is actually a scientist, two new romantic leads from farming families, that get involved in Sparrow's plans, one of the film's leads is a ghost and a "former member of the British military now siding with Barbossa on a revenge mission", that gives the film its title. The film would start with an "awkward wedding" and concludes with "a riff on the myth of the Bermuda Triangle".[3]

In March 2014, Bob Iger confirms that the movie don't have the greenligth just yet.

On April 4, 2014, in an interview Depp said that Bruckheimer and Disney had invited him in to collaborate with the writer Jeff Nathanson. He also said that he wants to bring a Pirates film that's very fresh and different for the people who saw the other ones. Depp also said that it might be the last one in the series.[4]

On June 2014 Jerry Bruckheimer hope that the production of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will begings in early 2015.

On 25 July 2014 Disney confirms that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will be realesed finally on 7 July 2017.

A spokesman for the Australian Arts Minister confirmed that the fifth installment was set to shoot in Australia after the government agreed to repurpose $20 million of tax incentives originally intended for the remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. According to Australian film industry sources, pre-production started in late September 2014 and filming is expected to commence in February 2015. This was officially confirmed by Disney and Ian Walker the Queensland Arts Minister on October 2, 2014, stating that filming will take place exclusively in Australia, being the largest production to ever shoot in the country. Village Roadshow Studios and Port Douglas were officially confirmed as filming locations. On 3 October 2014 Spanish actor Javier Bardem was officially confirmed in the cast. [5] On November 21, 2014, Australian actor Brenton Thwaites was in discussions to appear in the film as a British soldier Henry Turner. Others that were considered for the role included Taron Egerton (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Ansel Elgort (The Fault in our Stars), and George MacKay (Sunshine on Leith)[6] In October 2014, it was reported that Javier Bardem was in early talks to appear as the villain in the film.[7]

On December 2014, Orlando Bloom told IGN that while he wasn't sure he'd be back, there were talks. He also mentioned a possible rebooting of the Pirates franchise, teasing a possible future film revolving around Will Turner and the relationship with his son.[8]

On 15 Jenaury Kaya Scodelario was officially confirmed in the cast.

On february 2015 the production begins with the return of Kevin McNally and Stephen Graham and actress Golshifteh Farahani confirmed to join in the cast and finish on July 2015 after 95 days of shot. After nearly a year in post production, reshoots and additional photography was conducted in Vancouver, Canada from March 24 to April 23, 2016.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales grossed $172 milion in USA and $623 milion in other territories for a worldwilde total of $795 milion, against a production budget of $220 milion.

Reviews of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales were mostly negative by critics. On the Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 30% based on 241 reviews and a average rating of 4.7/10.

On Metacritic the film has weighted average score of 40 out of 100 based on 35 critics. Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of A-, while comScore reported that filmgoers gave an 62% positive score who means "positive reviews".


  • The film was novelized by Elizabeth Rudnick.

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