Pixie Hollow is the primary setting of the Disney Fairies franchise. As the home of the changing of the seasons, it is located somewhere in central Neverland. Each of the four seasons coexists at all times in Pixie Hollow, presided over by a minister in charge of bringing that season to the rest of the world at its proper time. It is also home to Tinker Bell and the rest of the island's fairies. In the books, Pixie Hollow only experiences two seasons: spring and summer. The fairies reside in the Home Tree, a towering tree located in the heart of Pixie Hollow. In the movies, they live in homes all over Pixie Hollow. In the books, traveling to the Mainland is not very common for the fairies of Pixie Hollow and they do not bring about the changing of the seasons on the Mainland, unlike the movies, where it's an important part of daily fairy life.


Pixie Hollow is a character meet-and-greet attraction at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and Hong Kong Disneyland, offering the opportunity for guests to dine with Tinker Bell.

Pixie Hollow Online

Pixie Hollow appeared in the MMORPG Pixie Hollow Online, which was released on September 8, 2008. Players with free accounts could create a female fairy or male sparrow man avatar who each came with a small selection of furnishings to decorate a virtual room in Pixie Hollow. It closed on September 19, 2013.

Pixie Hollow Games

Pixie Hollow appears in the special TV broadcast Pixie Hollow Games, and it serves as the place where the Pixie Hollow Games, similar to the real-life Olympics, are being held.

In the movies

Pixie Hollow appears as the primary setting in nearly all of the Disney Fairies movies. Most of the main plot line for each movie occurs in Pixie Hollow.

Once Upon a Time

Pixie Hollow doesn't appear in the show. However, the Home Tree appeared in Fairytale Land like the repair of the Blue Fairy and her tribe including Nova and Tinker Bell. When the Evil Queen placed the curse, the tree became a covent in Storybrooke.


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