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"Pizza vs. Fireworks" is the first episode of the Disney Channel series Chibiverse.


Molly McGee and Tilly Green host a chibi short showcase, meanwhile Scratch and Cricket Green argue over whether to end their show with a pizza party or with fireworks.


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  • Scratch claims to prefer being called "a post-living person", the exact same term Pete McGee suggested he might prefer being referred to in The Ghost and Molly McGee episode "The Curse".
  • One of the characters who wants pizza is Sprig Plantar, possibly as a nod to the Amphibia episode "Hop Luck".
  • When Cricket Green asks Heinz Doofenshmirtz how his "Fireworks Launch-inator" is different from regular fireworks, he simply responds that "it's a branding thing", the same answer he said regarding how his "Galactic Travel-inator" is different from a spaceship in Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe.
  • Molly McGee refers to Anne Boonchuy, Marcy Wu, and Sasha Waybright as the "Calamity Girls", a nod to how Amphibia fans refer to the trio as the "Calamity Trio".
  • The "Calamity Girls" are shown playing the same instruments they used in the Amphibia episode "Battle of the Bands".
  • One of the "dogs" who appear in the crowd is Bronx from Gargoyles. This marks the first time a Gargoyles character appears in Chibi form, as well as the first physical appearance of a Gargoyles character in a long-form Disney series ever since the original show ended its run.
  • The live broadcast of the premiere on the Disney Channel's eastern feed was riddled with technical problems as the episode never aired in its entirety. The western feed, however, had no such issues and played the episode's premiere in its entirety. After they couldn't fix the problem, they gave up and started to air Miraculous Ladybug.


  • Anne and Marcy's instruments from "Battle of the Bands" are switched; Anne is shown playing Marcy's drums, while Marcy plays Anne's guitar.
  • Eda Clawthorne is shown naturally using magic while in her Owl House season 2 design, despite having lost that ability in the season one episode, "Young Blood, Old Souls".
  • Bronx as a gargobeast turns into solid stone during the day but not in the Chibiverse.


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