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Planes is a soundtrack for the 2013 Disneytoon Studios animated feature film of the same name. Released three days before the film's theatrical release, the soundtrack features music composed by Mark Mancina under the Walt Disney Records label.

Track Listing

  1. "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" - Performed by Mark Holman
  2. "You Don't Stop - NYC" - Performed by Chris Classic and Alana D
  3. "Fly" - Performed by Jon Stevens
  4. "Planes - Main Title" (score)
  5. "Crop Duster" (score)
  6. "Last Contestant" (score)
  7. "Hello Lincoln/Sixth Place" (score)
  8. "Dusty Steps Into History" (score)
  9. "Start Your Engines" (score)
  10. "Sad Mayday" (score)
  11. "Leg 2 / Bulldog Thanks Dusty" (score)
  12. "Skipper Tries to Fly" (score)
  13. "Dusty & Ishani" (score)
  14. "The Tunnel" (score)
  15. "Running on Flames" (score)
  16. "Get Above the Storm" (score)
  17. "Dusty Has to Ditch" (score)
  18. "Skipper's Story" (score)
  19. "You're a Racer" (score)
  20. "Leg 7" (score)
  21. "Skipper to the Rescue" (score)
  22. "Dusty Soars" (score)
  23. "1st Place" (score)
  24. "A True Victory" (score)
  25. "Honorary Jolly Wrench" (score)
  26. "Skipper's Theme" - Performed by Volo Pro Veritas (score)
  27. "Love Machine" - Performed by Carlos Alazraqui and Antonio Sol
  28. "Ein Crop Duster Can Race" - Performed by Dave Wittenberg (bonus song)
  29. "Armadillo" (score)

Additional Credits

  • Score Produced by: Mark Mancina
  • "Nothing Can Stop Me Now" produced by: Ed Cherney
  • "You Don't Stop - NYC" produced by: Ali "Dee" Theodore
  • "Fly" produced by: John Fields and Jon Stevens
  • Executive Music Producer for Disneytoon Studios: Matt Walker
  • Director of Music Production for Disneytoon Studios: Brett Swain
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