Playhouse Disney: Let's Dance is a 2010 Walt Disney Records album featuring songs from various Playhouse Disney shows.

Track listing

  1. Rock 'n Ride 'n Rally (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  2. Super Goof (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  3. I'm a Friend, You're a Friend (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
  4. Rolling (Handy Manny)
  5. Hey Manny (Handy Manny)
  6. One Step at a Time (Handy Manny)
  7. Somebody Somewhere (Handy Manny)
  8. Can You Teach My Alligator Manners Theme (Can You Teach My Alligator Manners?)
  9. Beat Box (Choo Choo Soul)
  10. Veggie Dance (Choo Choo Soul)
  11. The Birthday Song (Choo Choo Soul)
  12. Do the Octopus (Dance-A-Lot Robot)
  13. Race Car Dance (Dance-A-Lot Robot)
  14. The Dinosaur Dance (Dance-A-Lot Robot)
  15. The Flower Dance (Dance-A-Lot Robot)
  16. Tasty Time with ZeFronk Main Title Theme (Tasty Time With ZeFronk)
  17. The Italian Way (Happy Monster Band)
  18. London Town (Happy Monster Band)
  19. Siesta, Siesta (Happy Monster Band)
  20. Boing Cluck Cluck (Imagination Movers)
  21. Try Again (Imagination Movers)
  22. Jungle Junction Theme (Jungle Junction)
  23. Wolfie and Dottie (One Unique Pair) (Special Agent Oso)
  24. Shutter Bug Time (Special Agent Oso)
  25. Oso (Oso's the One) (Special Agent Oso)
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