Pluto's Blue Note is a Pluto cartoon.


Pluto loves to sing, but no one, not even the radio will sing along with him since he's tone-deaf. But success comes when he finds that his tail makes an excellent phonograph needle.




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  • Walt Disney Cartoon Classics: Starring Donald & Daisy / Starring Pluto & Fifi



  • The song "You Belong To My Heart" which Pluto sings at the end was originally written and used in The Three Caballeros.
    • Also from the same film, the song that plays on the radio out in front of the music store is "Mexico".
  • This cartoon marks the first (and to date, only) time where both of Pluto's love interests Fifi the Peke and Dinah the Dachshund are seen together, and is also Fifi's final appearance in animation until the Mickey Mouse episode "You, Me and Fifi" came out in 2019.
  • When Pluto first puts his tail on a record, the music that plays is "Caxangá", a traditional Brazilian song heard during the carnaval scene in Saludos Amigos.


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