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"Pluto's Day" is an episode of Disneyland.


Walt Disney displays an award won by Pluto for being "the most promising dog actor". Walt explains that Pluto achieved success just by being himself. To explain, Walt looks at a typical in Pluto's life.

It starts one morning on Mickey Mouse's farm, with everyone still asleep. The sunrise awakens a rooster on top of the chicken coop. The rooster then crows and everyone slowly awakens, Pluto first (in his doghouse), then Mickey. Pluto brings in his master's breakfast, and then goes to buy Mickey a newspaper.

Later, Pluto tends to some farm chores around the property including feeding the chickens. But when he notices his own dish empty, he resorts to stealing a bone from Butch the Bulldog, who lives next door. In the meantime, one of the chickens has built a nest in his doghouse and lays its eggs, but when the hen leaves, distracted by a butterfly, Pluto ends up playing mother to its chicks after they hatch under him.

Pluto then has a brush with Chip and Dale, after he places one of his bones in their tree full of acorns. At the end, Pluto accidentally gets stuck to a tree, but frees himself when Mickey, fishing pole in hand, calls him, and they both go to the beach together for a day of fishing. While Mickey fishes, Pluto has a brush first with a clam, then with Salty the Seal, and then with seagulls that ruin the fishing trip for Mickey and Pluto. As they leave the beach, night falls, and the last shot shows them driving toward the city, whose lights shine in the night.

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