Pluto's Surprise Package is animated short starring Pluto.


A package arrives in the mail for Pluto ... but he has terrible trouble trying to get it into the house.



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Have a Laugh! changes

The following scenes were deleted from the short release due to time constraints:

  • The mail truck pulling up in front of the mailbox and Pluto running out to the mailbox.
  • Pluto imagining the package contains imported bones.
  • The package jumping around, to Pluto's confusion.
  • The scene of the package with legs swimming in the water.
  • The package revealing itself as containing a turtle that walks out.
  • The turtle nuzzling up to a touched Pluto.
  • Pluto stopping the turtle from going in the water, much to the latter's annoyance, and putting it back in the package.
  • The turtle shrugging as Pluto runs after the three envelopes blowing around in the wind.
  • The turtle sighing with relief and shaking off the water after its swim.


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