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"Pluto Saves the Day" is the thirteenth episode of House of Mouse, originally aired on ABC on April 14, 2001.


Pluto is walking around the club, when he passes Geppetto's table. Figaro becomes curious about Pluto, follows him. Pluto soon sees his rival and chases after him once the cat maliciously blows a raspberry at Pluto to taunt him, only to accidentally scare off O'Malley and the Alley cats, and Minnie scolds him for this. Feeling dejected, Pluto removes his headphones and goes outside to the club's dump when he sees Pete buying some Poisoned Sleeping Apples from the Witch. Overhearing Pete's plan to use the Sleeping Apples to put the crew to sleep (and therefore put the House of Mouse out of business), Pluto tries to go back in to alert the crew, but is caught by Pete and shipped to Katmandu.

Pete enacts his plan, first by leaving Sleeping Apples for Mickey and Minnie, disguised as gifts from each other. Then, disguised as Snow White, he tricks Donald and Daisy into eating apple pie laced with the Sleeping Apples, and then force-feeds one to Goofy (who is the only one not fooled by the disguise because the real Snow White is sitting nearby with the dwarfs). Meanwhile, Pluto makes it back from Katmandu and sneaks back inside the club just as Pete is gloating over having put the whole crew to sleep. Pluto rams Pete from behind and locks him in the backstage elevator.

Thanks to some accidental reminders from Pete, Pluto keeps the show going by running one of his cartoons and then having Dodger and the Pet Shop Dogs perform "Everybody Wants to Be a Woof". However, Pete remains confident that his plan to shut the club down and take it over (even considering hiring Pluto due to his performance) will succeed since the crew is still asleep, but then the real Snow White comes in, having heard that someone was disguised as her and has been up to no good, and tells Pluto that he needs to kiss the crew to wake them up. He does so, and after Snow White tells the revived crew members that Pluto saved the day, Pluto is given his job back and also told that Pete is the one cat he and his fellow dogs can chase out of the club.

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Running gags

Episode introduction "It's where toons watch toons... Disney's House of Mouse!"
Mickey introduction "Now, put your hands together for the rockin' rodent who's a real swingin' cat... Mickey Mouse!"
Sponsor "Pete's evil plot provided by Evil Witch Sleeping Apples."
Closing line "Ha! That's all for today! See you cool cats real soon!"

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  • A jazzy instrumental of Whistle While You Work plays while Pete is giving out the sleeping apples to the gang.
  • Ironically in this episode, both Donald and Daisy, despite being far more intelligent than Goofy, immediately fell for Pete's phony disguise as Snow White, while Goofy, despite being the "goofiest" and least intelligent member of the House of Mouse crew hence his name, is the only one not fooled by Pete's disguise as Snow White because the real Snow White is sitting nearby with the dwarfs. Despite this, Goofy still acknowledges the disguised Pete as "Snow White" when Pete force-feeds him one of the Sleeping Apples when he admits "Okay, Snow. But your Prince Charming never saw this side of you before the kiss".
  • When Pluto hosts the show onstage, since Pluto couldn't speak he communicates to the audience either via pantomime or by barking where in the latter which Mike translates for everything Pluto barks.
  • This episode notably acknowledges the fact that Pete is a cat, evidence near the ending when Mickey tells Pluto that there is one cat he's allowed to chase, who turns out to be none other than Pete.
  • Pete attempting to ship Pluto to Katmandu could be a nod to Edgar Balthazar attempting to ship Duchess and her kittens to Timbuktu in The Aristocats, except that the difference is that Pete (somewhat) succeeded in doing so unlike Edgar.

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