The evolution of Pluto's design.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
Pluto-3-web The Chain Gang (1930) In Pluto's debut cartoon, he plays the role of two bloodhounds that pursues Mickey as he escapes from prison. His ears which appear to be thicker are the same color as the rest of his body.
7 - Copy The Picnic (1930) Pluto is seen as Minnie's dog, not Mickey's yet, and is named Rover. But he clearly looks more like the Pluto that is starting to appear, with black ears.
3 - Copy The Moose Hunt (1931) Pluto now goes by "Pluto" and is officially the pet of Mickey Mouse.
GALA PREMIERE Mickey's Gala Premier (1933) The tips of Pluto's ears are rounded.
Mickey's Garden 2 Mickey's Garden (1935) In color, Pluto's body has a brownish-yellowish tint to it.
Capture -89 Society Dog Show (1939) Pluto's eyelids have a shine to it, which he would have throughout much of the run of his shorts. Also, Pluto's body is now orangish-yellow.
1951-coldstorage-4 Cold Storage (1951) Pluto's eyelids are no longer shiny.
Runaway Brain screenshoot 12 Runaway Brain (1995) The whiskers on Pluto's face are gone.
W594b Mickey Mouse Works (1999) Pluto's whiskers are back, albeit a few small stubbles. While the earlier episodes from season 1 (which were produced using traditional cel animation) had Pluto colored orangish-yellow as in the classic shorts and Runaway Brain, the later episodes from season 2 and 3 (which were produced using digital ink-and-paint), as well as later media such as House of Mouse has Pluto colored with a brighter yellow color.
Pluto Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse (2013) Paul Rudish's design for Pluto has him in a parody of his 1930s self, with shorter and less rounded ears and more pronounced whiskers. In addition, Pluto has a brighter yellow color like in Mickey Mouse Works season 2-3.

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