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Polly Petunia Plantar is the tritagonist of the 2019 television series Amphibia. She is the younger sister of Sprig Plantar.



Polly is an out-going, sweet and adventure-loving tadpole who loves adventure, monsters, and fun. Although she is young, she has the heart of an adventurer. She is mysterious, explosive, and unpredictable.

She likes to attack stuff using either her flail and her rolling pin she named "Doris".

Physical appearance

Polly resembles a real-life tadpole, except she has arms instead of legs. She has tyrian purple skin and wears a yellow bow with light yellow polka dots.

In "The Shut-In!", Anne creates a human version of Polly in her imagination named Molly. She is a human of average height with slightly tan skin and shiny orange hair with bangs and a ponytail. She is dressed similar to Anne with a school sweater, pink undershirt and skirt. She wears dark pink boots, her signature yellow bow and a pink knapsack. She also had her wooden bucket on her left foot during her and Twig's (Sprig's) introduction. As of "True Colors" she has grown a pair of legs.

Prior getting her legs to this she moved in a wooden bucket filled with water and held together by a cylindrical steel frame. It has seen a fair amount of use apparent in its worn appearance.


  • Strength: Despite her small size, Polly possess incredible strength.
  • Expert Loogie Spitting: As seen in "Girl Time", Polly displays excellent loogie-spitting skills and can spit much farther than Hop Pop and Sprig.
  • Super Sonic Singing: As seen in "Fiddle Me This", Polly apparently has the ability to sing at such a frequency that it can disrupt things.
  • Vocal mimicry: She has a talent to perfectly imitate other voices.
  • Thai language: During her time on Earth, Polly has easily learnt how to speak Thai after watching Mrs. Boonchuy's entire Thai romance film collection.
  • Martial artist: As seen in "Commander Anne", when she attacks a mind controlled centipede.

Role in the series

Polly, for the most part, remains relatively unchanged throughout the series. She acts as something of an x factor in Anne and the Plantars' misadventures. One minor recurring plot thread in Season 1 and 2 is her wanting to eventually grow legs of her own. There is some support for this in "Marcy at the Gates" where Marcy informs Polly that she will most likely receive them in two months time; news that excites her so much that she demands to have it in writing. Which finally happens in the Season 2 finale "True Colors".

Most of the conflict that happens with her is due to external problems, such as when she became self conscious about Anne's view of her in "Girl Time", which resulted in her briefly doubting her abilities. She also felt underappreciated in "Truck Stop Polly" when her family called her out on being so obtrusive. In both cases, she apologizes for any problems she caused while also forgiving them for not being considerate with her due to her youth.


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  • Oddly enough, she seems content to have people not like her as revealed in "Cracking Mrs. Croaker" as she said "Mission Accomplished".
  • Her name is fitting as she is a technically a pollywog.
  • While sometimes Polly is seen in a small bucket of water, often times she will travel around without it.
  • Ironically, despite being Sprig's younger sister, Polly's voice actress, Amanda Leighton, is much older than Sprig's voice actor, Justin Felbinger - older by almost 9 years.
  • While Polly is shown lounging in a bucket of water, she is capable of hopping on land. While most tadpoles remain aquatic, there are a some that are semi-terrestrial, such as Beddome's Frog and Thoropa miliaris, and full terrestrial, such as Indirana semipalmata and Adenomera andreae. This would mean that Polly, and possibly by extension Sprig and Hop Pop, are semi-terrestrial.
  • Through the series, Polly is shown to have a great like for candies. In the episode "Anne or Beast?", when Hop Pop sees her after eating candies, she exclaims to him "I don't have a candy problem! You have a candy problem!", implying that her like for candies is due to sugar addiction.
  • In "Truck Stop Polly", it is revealed that middle name is Petunia.
  • While Polly does not appear in the Amphbiland animated slize reel, creator Matt Braly confirmed that she was indeed on the pilot.[1]
  • In real life, tadpoles receive their legs before their arms, though since the show takes place in an alternate dimension, it's safe to assume that principle doesn't work for Polly (and other tadpoles in Amphibia by extension).


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