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Flying Princess Pony Head (born Lilacia Pony Head[1]; simply known as Pony Head) is a unicorn princess from the Disney XD animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. is a princess from the Cloud Kingdom of Mewni and one of Star Butterfly's best friends.

She previously attended St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses because of her rambunctious behavior. After headmistress Miss Heinous and her faculty were overthrown and driven out of the school in the episode "St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses", Pony Head helped turn the reform school into a party location.



Princess Pony Head is the ultimate party princess. She is loud, abrasive, eccentric, and full of energy that she cannot wait to exert. She considers herself to be perfect and well-liked by everyone, though several episodes imply that most people find her annoying. She can be pretty inconsiderate of others, especially those she dislikes. Pony Head will put her own needs and wants over others, but depending on their closeness, such as with Star Butterfly her best friend, she will shift her attention to help them, though this has been shown to be difficult for her.

Pony Head is surprisingly intelligent to a certain degree. Whenever she has a plan, she will go to great lengths to bring it to fruition. This of course results in her unintentionally concerning others. The most notable example being in "Queen-Napped" where despite her malformed execution, she was able to get people to like Eclipsa through her rather outrageous plan of "kidnapping" her for a live-streamed show.

Above all else, Pony Head believes that she needs to be the center of attention and will actually become annoyed or saddened if no one is paying attention to her. After her horn gets damaged in "Skooled!", she becomes morally depressed and refuses to listen to anyone. It is only through watching a Korean drama and getting upset over how it turned out that she overcomes her depression and gets a 3D printed horn to replace her old one. Despite all this, Pony Head is very loyal to Star and will aid her and her friends when necessary.

Physical appearance

True to her name, Pony Head is a floating light blue colored horse head, or rather unicorn head as she has a dark teal striped horn. Her mane is pink and she has a small heart birthmark on her neck. She has giant white eyeballs with blue irises and yellow star shaped pupils. Her bottom is actually a hole that can carry items like a back pocket as revealed in "Goblin Dogs".


  • Multipurpose horn: Pony Head can shoot laser beams from her horn or use it similarly to an electric drill.
    • She loses her horn in "Skooled!", and gains an artificial replacement in "Bam Ui Pati!". "Divide" shows that her new horn can accommodate several attachments, such as an axe, mascara brush, a miniature version of herself, and a chainsaw.
  • Levitation: Pony Head can levitate or fly at high speeds. In "Sleepover", she is strong enough to carry several people at once (though with great difficulty). She still possesses this ability after the destruction of magic in "Cleaved", proving that it is a biological function rather than magical.
  • Magic: In "Pizza Thing", Pony Head uses her horn to magically restore a crushed car and command it to drive itself back to its owner.
  • Telekinesis: Pony Head can manipulate items through thought, as this is how she uses her phone without having limbs.

Role in the series

Season One

Pony Head first appears in "Party With a Pony" where it is greatly established that she has been friends with Star Butterfly for a long time. She felt threatened by the appearance of Marco Diaz whom she negatively referred to as "earth turd" and attempted to get rid of him. However, Star convinces her that she can have as many best friends as she wants and cares about him, causing Pony Head to regret her actions. Pony Head gets taken away to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses and does not return until the episode of the same name. Star and Marco break into the school to help free Pony Head as well as the rest of the mistreated princesses under the watch of Miss Heinous. They manage to overthrow her, but Pony Head and the rest of the princesses decide to stay and change the state of the school. By this point, Pony Head had become more accepting of Marco with "earth turd" becoming more of an affectionate term for him, though she has started calling him by his real name.

Season Two

Pony Head begins to enjoy her newfound freedom and starts hanging out with Star and Marco more often. Usually her antics are what lead them into crazy shenanigans such as in "Goblin Dogs" where her false claim of having tried one drives the group into desperately trying to get one or in "Sleepover" where her bringing the Truth or Punishment Box leads the gang into a brand new adventure. Over time, Pony Head begins to suspect that Star has a crush on Marco which eventually comes to fruition in "Starcrushed" where Star admits her feelings to Marco, Pony Head declares that she knew it all along.

Season Three

Pony Head appears more often in the third season where she begins to act a close confidant to Star and tries to help her while also trying to pursue her own goals. The most notable thing was that Pony Head disliked Star's relationship with Tom Lucitor and continues to voice her distaste at the two of them becoming a couple. While not said, it is implied that she preferred it when she was with Marco.

In "Demoncism", Pony Head is revealed to have an ex-boyfriend named Seahorse who she liked due to his bad boy attitude. Between their break-up and reunion, Seahorse became a professional customer service representative and begins to speak as one regardless of whether he is working or not. Her family life is also delved into as she has numerous younger sisters who are always trying to overthrow her, though they constantly fail. These actions have made Pony Head numb to them and it is implied that she is constantly stressed by them, hence her wild side.

In "Skooled!", Pony Head and the rest of the princesses are attacked by Miss Heinous, resulting in Pony Head losing her horn. In "Bam Ui Pati!", she begins to wallow in pity, but eventually comes to her senses with the help of Star and Seahorse by getting a new 3D printed horn. Pony Head becomes empowered to help stop a rampaging Miss Heinous who has now realized her true name as Meteora Butterfly.

Season Four

Pony Head slowly becomes more and more obnoxious to the point that Star begins to lose her patience with her such as in "The Ponyhead Show!". Despite this, Pony Head does try to help her friends, even if that means going to great insurmountable lengths to achieve her goal. She supported Star's attempt to change Mewni for the better and ultimately helps battle Mina Loveberry and her Solarian soldiers in the finale. While Pony Head does not have a closing arc, she comforts Star with the knowledge that their friends are doing fine, though she still dislikes Tom.


  • Pony Head was based on old drawings made by Daron Nefcy that were a lot more disturbing compared to the character seen in the show. Pony Head was initially drooling constantly and had blood dripping from her neck.[2]
  • According to Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Pony Head is the oldest of thirteen sisters.
  • In "Bam Ui Pati!", Pony Head is revealed to have been born on August 4, 2001. If the episode took place on March 31, 2018 (the day the episode aired) that would mean that Pony Head is 16 years old, just one year older than Marco and Star.
  • Daron Nefcy confirmed in a Reddit Q&A that Pony Head's mother passed away sometime prior to the series beginning.[3]



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