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"Pool's Gold" is the second segment of the fifty-second episode of Big City Greens.


Cricket goes on a quest to find the best pool in Big City.


The Greens are at the public swimming pool to once again enjoy themselves. As Cricket declares that they are at the best swimming pool in Big City, the obnoxious Gregly begs to differ. He exclaims that the swimming pool in the apartment next to his house is the best. Empowered with this knowledge, Cricket tells Tilly, Nancy and Gramma Alice of his new discovery. The older Green women immediately take to the idea of going over there for fun while Tilly reluctantly complies. Bill on the other hand decides to stay so that he can try the water aerobics. After they leave, Bill hears a child about to drown and rescues him. His heroic act earns the praise of the other swimmers who proceed to give him gifts throughout the episode.

Cricket, Tilly, Nancy and Alice plan to somehow break in to the apartment complex, but this is immediately made unnecessary when Brett just decides to let them in. The Greens enjoy the new pool with Cricket once again declaring the pool as the best in Big City. However, Brett tells Cricket that the best pool in Big City is actually the one at the Spritz Hotel which has two water slides. Cricket tells his family about it and while they are reluctant to leave this one behind, agree to go to the other pool. They arrive and sneak in by acting casual. When they cannot go up the elevator, they decide to go through the air ducts and end up on the roof of the hotel where the pool is. Before they can jump in, a hotel employee catches them and tosses them in "pool jail"; the equipment room.

Bill is showered with gifts, but becomes too heavy when the boy he rescued gives him a large drink and the two proceed to sink. However, the heroic Mark arrives and rescues them both with all of Bill's gifts suddenly going to Mark, much to his chagrin, though he accepts it. Cricket apologizes for not allowing his family any fun at any of the pools because he wanted the best. He suddenly notices the sink and they decide to use it to fill the room up and make their own pool. The woman comes back to let them go, as she realized that their offence was not that important, but the Greens have her allow them to stay. As they enjoy their time in their newfound pool, they see a couple of rats swimming with them and decide it is time for them to go.



  • The title is a play on the term, as well as the actual mineral, fool's gold.
  • This episode apparently suggests that Bill may no longer be romantically attached to Nancy as he seemed happy to receive another woman's phone number.
  • When Cricket suggests climbing through the vents, Nancy attempts to tell him that that only works in movies, which apparently Cricket takes as meaning is true. This is of course a reference to how the trope is highly impractical in real life, as real vents would be difficult to climb through and most likely be dangerous.
  • This episode marks the return of Mark who was last seen in "Skunked". As a reference to this, one person shouts that they have "seen him once before".
  • Moral: If you keep obsessing over finding something better, you'll miss out on the fun right before you.

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