Porcupine is the quaternary antagonist from the movie Bambi II. He is an elderly porcupine who has gold fur and quills. He is very grumpy and doesn't like it when other animals walk onto his bridge, composed of a log which serves as his home.


Bambi II

The Porcupine's first appearance is when he finds out Bambi and his friends are about to cross the bridge. The porcupine pops out and scares them away. When Bambi goes up to the porcupine to frighten him away, he yells, "Get off of my property, you pesky squirrel!"

Bambi jumps over the porcupine, but the Porcupine doesn't give up. He uses his quills to chase Bambi and attack him. The Porcupine misses and lands with his quills stuck on hi log, but he quickly flips back up on both legs again and growls. Bambi goes down to the trap door of a log and flings the Porcupine up like a seesaw. He cannonballs his quills into Bambi's rump, and Bambi squeals in pain and falls off the log and into the lake. As the Porcupine laughs at Bambi's misfortune, he starts to go back into his log and notices Bambi's father, The Great Prince of the Forest, watching. Either not knowing who he is or not caring, the Porcupine rudely asks the Great Prince what he is looking at before calling him a big moose.

In his second appearance, while Bambi is being chased by the Hunter Dogs, he attracts the Porcupine's attention, stomping on top of his log. The Porcupine pops up and prepares to attack Bambi again; however, Bambi pushes the log down, catapulting the Porcupine up into the air, where he lands on one of the dogs' rears and falls out of the log to the lake. The Porcupine then lands inside the log and becomes stuck again.

In the final climax of the film, he is seen again with other animals to hear Thumper's story about Bambi who attacked the dogs. Bambi becomes shy and walks away from Faline when she moves closer to him. However, the Porcupine uses his quills to prick Bambi, and he jumps forward to Faline and kisses her. When Bambi leaves with his father, the Porcupine waves goodbye with the other animals.


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