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Toughy, Peg, Bull, Boris, Dachsie, and Pedro are supporting characters in Disney's 1955 animated feature film Lady and the Tramp. They are a group of impounded dogs that Lady encounters after being wrongfully taken by the city's dogcatcher.


Toughy, Peg, Bull, Boris, Dachsie, and Pedro are a wide mix of dogs, all homeless and without families. Despite their differences, they share a common goal in wanting to escape and a common fear of being euthanized. Toughy, Bull, Pedro, and Boris have a dog chorus together, which they use to distract the dogcatchers—while they sing, Dachsie digs them a tunnel to freedom. By the time of Lady's arrival, the tunnel was only a chorus away from completion, which implies that the dogs were eventually able to escape. The dogs are also shown to be friends (or at the very least, acquaintances) of the Tramp.

Toughy Lady and the Tramp

Toughy (voiced by Dallas McKennon) appears as the ringleader of the pound dogs. Along with his friends Bull, Boris, and Pedro, he leads a chorus of musical howls to pass time in the pound. Behind the scenes, he's leading an escape plot with the help of their friend, Dachsie, who works to dig a tunnel to escape while the others sing. He speaks with a stereotypical "tough guy" or "street smart" Brooklyn accent. He appears to be knowledgeable about the social life of local dogs, specifically in terms of the Tramp. He is generally laid-back and playful, though he shows fear in the possibility of being put down. When first meeting Lady, Toughy and Bull take part in a round of jokes in reference to the obviously lavished lifestyle that Lady leads. When Peg intervenes out of annoyance, she notes that Toughy and Bull mean no real harm.

In the 2019 remake, he was replaced by Dame and was voiced by Jentel Hawkins.

Peg Lady and the Tramp

Peg (voiced by Peggy Lee), seemingly the only female dog in the pound, is a sultry pekingese. She is a former member of the Dog and Pony Follies where she worked as a performer, though she has since become a stray. As indicated by "He's a Tramp", Peg is very familiar with the Tramp, as she considers herself one of the "dames" that has it bad for him. Early in the film, when Tramp rescues her and Bull from the dogcatcher's wagon, she teasingly refers to him as 'Handsome'. Even so, she does not think highly of the concept of "true love". She briefly appears at the beginning when Tramp rescues her and Bull from the dogcatcher. Peg later appears in the movie after Lady is captured by the dogcatcher and taken to the pound. When Toughy and Bull start to pick on Lady, Peg steps in and defends her. She easily comforts Lady with her tough, yet sisterly attitude, and tries to make her feel welcomed during her stay. She also comforts Lady by telling her she will go free because she has a collar and license, unlike the other dogs there.

In the 2019 remake, she was voiced by Janelle Monáe.[1]


Bull (voiced by Bill Thompson) is an English bulldog who drools a lot and is particularly close friends with Toughy and Peg. Despite being trapped in the pound, Bull has an easygoing personality; he lives by the philosophy that "a short life is a merry one", which helps him to remain unfazed at the prospect of being put down. Bull briefly appears at the beginning in the back of the dogcatcher truck with Peg. Tramp helps them escape by unlocking the lock on the cage and distracting the dogcatcher. Towards the middle, it is shown that Bull has been recaptured. He meets Lady after she is impounded by the dogcatcher and comments on her collar. He and Toughy tease Lady for her uppercrust background, but quickly lay off per Peg's demands. During "He's a Tramp", Bull provides chorus for Peg along with the other dogs.

In the 2019 remake, he was voiced by Benedict Wong.[2]

Boris LATT

Boris (voiced by Alan Reed) is a tall, slender, gray Russian Wolfhound a.k.a. a Borzoi. He appears older and wiser than the other dogs, and like Peg, gives Lady comfort and advice in the pound. He is more romantic and sentimental about love than his friends, and believes Tramp will find true love one day. Peg describes him as a philosopher, and he does take a more thoughtful, reflective view to life in the pound than his friends. He likes to quote famous Russian authors such as Maxim Gorky to make his points, and is quite friendly and peaceful.

Boris actually existed in earlier versions of the film before Tramp was introduced, as one of Lady's neighbors. Boastful and recently moved into the neighborhood, he viewed for Lady's affection along with a mutt named Homer. Eventually, the neighbor roles were given to the characters of Jock and Trusty, and Boris was moved to elsewhere in the film.

In the 2019 remake, he was replaced by Chance and was voiced by James Bentley.

Dachsie LATT

Dachsie (voiced by Bill Thompson) is a small, slender dachshund with a German accent. He is first seen trying to finish making a hole large enough for the dogs to escape through. After saying his only lines, "Just one more chorus, and we're out" and "Und Fifi...", the doors open and the dogcatcher comes for Lady to take her home. Dachsie quickly buries all the dirt and stands on top of the hole. His last appearance is when he starts digging again, and later he sings (howls) "He's a Tramp" with the other dogs. After Lady leaves the pound, Dachsie is not seen again in the rest of the film.

Pedro LATT

Pedro (voiced by Dallas McKennon) is a small, slender brown Chihuahua with a thick Mexican accent. Pedro is seen at the pound, in the middle of two bars. He sleeps in straw that looks like a nest. He is usually seen singing or howling with his friends. He also mentions that his sister, Rosita Chiquita Juanita Chihuahua, was one of the many lovers of the Tramp over the years.


Lady and the Tramp[]

After spending a day with the rascally Tramp, purebred Lady is caught by a dog catcher and transported to the local pound, where she meets a group of inmates whom, at first, poke fun at the oddity of a privileged dog ending up in the pound, though the motherly Peg intervenes and assures Lady that she will soon be released, on account of her collar.

Just then, the dogs watch as one of the inmates, Nutsy, takes the "long walk" and is put to sleep, motivating them to continue with their escape plan. They nevertheless seem to be open to the option of giving up, as they referred to it as a "short life and a merry one"; so they've come to learn from the Tramp. At the mention of Tramp, Lady is shocked, and this leads to the discovery that he has avoided the dogcatchers for ages, and seems to be an unstoppable force, aside from the fact that his love for females will likely be his downfall someday.

Before long, however, Lady's collar is checked and she is released to her owners. What became of the dogs she encountered in the pound is unknown.

Lady and the Tramp (2019)[]

The dogs appear in the 2019 live-action remake of the classic film directed by Charlie Bean.

Tramp approaches Peg and Bull who are caged in a carriage leading to the dog pound while a dogcatcher named "Elliot" places a warning sign on the wall giving a warning to people that any unlicensed dog will be immediately impounded. Bull recaps that he robbed a butcher ship to get seven pounds of beef, four lamb chops, and a whole meatloaf as Peg remembers what he did. Tramp warns them that they will always get caught if they don't learn to split up just as they prompt him to free them which Tramp warns them that Elliot might see him just as the dogcatcher suddenly approaches him while Tramp pretends to be sick, tricking him while accidentally opening the carriage, causing Bull and Peg to escape which Tramp escapes from Elliot to avoid getting caught and sent to the dog pound.

When Lady gets sent to the dog pound after Elliot caught her, she passes by various dogs in their cages, just as Elliot puts in Lady a cage. She then encounters Peg who greets her, alongside Bull and several other dogs inside. One of the dogs asks Lady of how she ended up getting caged which Lady recaps that she was with Tramp and ran into trouble and got split up. Peg then recognizes the same dog Lady met just as she sings the musical number "He's a Tramp" entertaining the other dogs while remembering about her encounter with Tramp. After singing, the pound dogs witness Elliot entering the pound and taking a dog home, followed by Lady being the next one to be returned to her owners.

Later, Peg and Bull approach Tramp which he asks them why they are wearing collars as it is revealed that Peg and Bull were adopted just as the two receive a home for snack. Tramp curiously asks them of how they were adopted questioning them of why dogs live with people, which Peg recaps that his answers have nothing to do with Lady whom they met at the dog pound and as Tramp realizes of what they were saying just before Peg tells Bull that Tramp is free to be himself. Tramp then recaps that Lady reunited to her family just as Tramp tries to get reunite with her. Tramp then takes a bone which belongs to Bull and Peg in a plan to reunite with Lady much to Bull feeling worried. Bull and Peg do not make further appearances afterwards; additionally, what became of the other dogs Lady encountered in the pound is also unknown.

Other appearances[]



  • As Boris and Peg note in the film, the dogs of the pound covet collars, as they're a "passport to freedom".
  • Peg's voice actress, Peggy Lee, also wrote songs for Lady and the Tramp and provided the voices of Darling, Si and Am.
    • Peg was also named after Lee.
  • Toughy, Bull, Boris, Dachsie, and Pedro's musical howling were provided by The Mellomen.


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